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[Botany • 2017] A Revision of Hoya (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae) of Papuasia. Part I: Ten New Species, One New Subspecies and One New Combination

Hoya edholmiana, H. evelinae, H. krusenstierniana H. carrii
Simonsson & Rodda 


 The large majority of Hoya R.Br. species known from Papuasia were described in the first half of the 20th century and most of these are endemic. Along with Borneo and the Philippines the region is a centre of diversity of the genus. Since 2006 herbarium materials have been studied for a revision of Hoya of New Guinea along with field investigations on Papuasian Hoya since 2010. In the present paper we publish ten new species, Hoya brassii P.I.Forst. & Liddle ex Simonsson & Rodda, H. carrii P.I.Forst. & Liddle ex Simonsson & Rodda, H. edholmiana Simonsson & Rodda, H. evelinae Simonsson & RoddaH. juhoneweana Simonsson & Rodda, H. krusenstierniana Simonsson & Rodda, H. koteka Simonsson & Rodda, H. stenakei Simonsson & Rodda, H. versteegii Simonsson & Rodda and H. yvesrocheri Simonsson & Rodda, one subspecies, H. juhoneweana ssp. lindforsiana Simonsson & Rodda, and make one new combinationH. urniflora (P.I.Forst.) Simonsson & Rodda, which is also lectotypified. 

Keywords: Indonesia, Marsdenieae, Papua New Guinea

Hoya brassii P.I.Forst. & Liddle ex Simonsson & Rodda, sp. nov.

Etymology. Named after Leonard John Brass (1900–1971), an Australian botanist who collected the type specimen in 1936 on the Fly River Expedition of the American Museum of National History (the second Archbold New Guinea Expedition).

Hoya carrii P.I.Forst. & Liddle ex Simonsson & Rodda sp. nov.

Etymology. Named after C. E. Carr (1892–1936), who first collected the taxon in 1935, and again in 1936, on a collecting expedition supported by the British Museum, London, which started in 1934. He died of malaria in June 1936, just a few months after discovering the second locality of Hoya carrii.

Hoya edholmiana Simonsson & Rodda, sp. nov. 

 Etymology. Named after the siblings CharlizeDiesel and Evelize Edholm of Sweden, supporters of the first author’s work in PNG.

Hoya evelinae Simonsson & Rodda, sp. nov.

Etymology. Named after the late Mrs Evelina Eriksson (1932–2009) of Sweden who supported the first author’s work in PNG.

Hoya juhoneweana Simonsson & Rodda, sp. nov. 
subsp. juhoneweana 

Etymology. Named after the first author’s colleague, Foreting Juhonewe, who is also from Hoboc village. He has been of great importance for this research. He has eagerly tried to find more of this rare and diminishing Hoya and promoted its conservation in situ amongst his clan’s people.

Hoya juhoneweana subsp. lindforsiana Simonsson & Rodda, subsp. nov. 

Etymology. Named after Constantinus Lindfors in Sweden, a supporter of the first author’s work in PNG.

Hoya krusenstierniana Simonsson & Rodda, sp. nov. 

Etymology. Named after the Krusenstiern family, supporters of the first author’s work in PNG.

Hoya koteka Simonsson & Rodda, sp. nov. 

Etymology. Named after its elongated style-head that resembles the traditional koteka, or penis-gourd traditionally worn by male natives of New Guinea.

Hoya stenakei Simonsson & Rodda, sp. nov. 

Etymology. Named after the late Mr Sten-Åke Svensson (1947 – 2011) of Sweden, whose children supported the first author’s work in PNG.

Hoya versteegii Simonsson & Rodda, sp. nov.

Etymology. Named after its collector, G. Versteeg (1876–1943).

Hoya yvesrocheri Simonsson & Rodda, sp. nov. 

Etymology. Named after the Yves Rocher Foundation which supported the first author’s Hoya Project for five years during 2011–2015.

N. Simonsson Juhonewe and M. Rodda. 2017. Contribution to A Revision of Hoya (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae) of Papuasia. Part I: Ten New Species, One New Subspecies and One New Combination. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore. 69(1); 97–147.  

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