Monday, May 29, 2017

[Herpetology • 2017] Limnonectes quangninhensis • A New Species of Limnonectes (Anura: Dicroglossidae) from northeastern Vietnam

Limnonectes quangninhensis Pham, Le, Nguyen, Ziegler, Wu & Nguyen, 2017

Quangninh Wart Frog | Ếch nhẽo quảng ninh  || DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4269.4.8


A new species of Limnonectes is described from northeastern Vietnam based on morphological and molecular differences. Morphologically, the new species is distinguishable from its congeners on the basis of a combination of the following diagnostic characters: Large size (SVL 50.1–68.9 in males, 45.5–63.0 mm in females); males with moderately enlarged head (HL/SVL 0.48), head longer than wide; vomerine teeth present; external vocal sacs absent; rostral length short (RL/SVL 0.16 in males, 0.15 in females); tympanum distinct (TD/ED 0.63 in males, 0.60 in females); dorsal surface of head, body and flanks with flattened tubercles; dorsal surface of tibia possessing small tubercles; supratympanic fold present; dorsolateral fold absent; webbing formula I0–0II0–1/3III0–1/3IV1/2–0V; in life, dorsum yellowish brown with a dark brown marking; throat and chest white with dark brown marking; ventral surface of fore and hind limbs as well as belly white. In phylogenetic analyses, the new species is placed as the sister taxon to Limnonectes fujianensis with strong statistical support in all analyses.

Keywords: Limnonectes quangninhensis sp. nov., molecular phylogeny, taxonomy, Quang Ninh Province, Amphibia

ventral view of the holotype (IEBR 3907, male) of Limnonectes quangninhensis sp. nov.   

Etymology. The specific epithet “quangninhensis” refers to the type locality of the new species, Quang Ninh Province. For the common names we suggest Quangninh Wart Frog (English) and Ếch nhẽo quảng ninh (Vietnamese).

 The C. Pham, Minh D. Le, Tao T. Nguyen, Thomas Ziegler, Zheng J. Wu and Truong Q. Nguyen. 2017. A New Species of Limnonectes (Amphibia: Anura: Dicroglossidae) from Vietnam. Zootaxa.  4269(4); 545–558. DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4269.4.8

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