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[Botany • 2015] Thismia puberula • A New Species (Thismiaceae) from Southern Vietnam

Thismia puberula 


Thismia puberula, a new species of Thismiaceae, is described and illustrated. The species was discovered in 2014 during botanical survey of Chu Yang Sin national park (Dak Lak province, Southern Vietnam). Thismia puberula possesses vermiform roots and mitriform inner tepals. It is most similar to T. angustimitraT. mirabilisTmucronata and T. okhaensis. The new species differs from related species mainly by dome-shaped annulus with delimited vertical and horizontal parts covered by hairs, broad mitre with foveae, inner mitre surface covered by papillate trichomes, and presence of interstaminal glands. An updated key to Vietnamese species of Thismia is provided.

Keywords: Thismia, taxonomy, key, mycoheterotrophic plants, Southern Vietnam, Chu Yang Sin national park, flora, biodiversity, Monocots

Description of the new species

Thismia puberula Nuraliev, sp. nov. (Fig. 1–3)

Thismia puberula differs from related T. angustimitra Chantanaorrapint (2008: 524), T. mirabilis K.Larsen (1965: 171), T. mucronata Nuraliev in Nuraliev et al. (2014: 246) and T. okhaensis Luu, Tich, G.Tran & Q.D.Dinh in Truong et al. (2014: 190) by the domeshaped annulus with delimited vertical and horizontal parts and by the annulus outer surface covered by hairs. This species also differs in the following combination of morphological traits: flower short (1.9 cm long), mitre broader than hypanthium, mitre outer surface with foveae, mitre inner surface covered by papillate trichomes, base of filament occupying the entire height of the inner surface of the annulus, and the presence of interstaminal glands.

Type:— VIETNAM. Dak Lak province: Lak district, Bong Krang municipality, Chu Yang Sin national park, 12 km S from Krong Kmar village, in the forest, on an islet of a small river, elevation ca. 1100 m a.s.l., N 12° 23’ 41’’, E 108° 20’ 55’’, 28 May 2014, Nuraliev 1000 (holotype MW!, stored in ethanol).

Maxim Nuraliev, Anton Beer, Andrey Kuznetsov and Svetlana Kuznetsova. 2015. Thismia puberula (Thismiaceae), A New Species from Southern Vietnam.
Phytotaxa. 234(2); 133–142. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.234.2.3

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