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[Diplopoda • 2013] Tetracentrosternus theelorsuensis • The Millipede genus Tetracentrosternus Pocock, 1895 (Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae, Alogolykinae), with A Description of the First, New Species from Thailand

Tetracentrosternus theelorsuensis 
Likhitrakarn, Golovatch & Panha, 2013

Figure 1. Tetracentrosternus theelorsuensis sp. n., ♂ holotype. A habitus, live coloration B, D anterior part of body, lateral and dorsal views, respectively C, E, G segments 10 and 11, dorsal, ventral and lateral views, respectively F, H posterior part of body, dorsal and lateral views, respectively I, J sternal lobe between coxae 4, sublateral and subcaudal views, respectively.


The millipede subfamily Alogolykinae and the tribe Alogolykini are recorded in Thailand for the first time, being represented there by Tetracentrosternus theelorsuensis sp. n. While the new species has characteristics that place it in the genus Tetracentrosternus, it also shows a number of unique features that make it necessary to rediagnose this Oriental genus, as well as to key its three currently known species and map their distributions. The tribes Alogolykini and Polydrepanini, as well as the subfamily Alogolykinae are also briefly redefined.

Keywords: Millipede, Alogolykinae, Alogolykini, Tetracentrosternus, taxonomy, new species, Thailand


Family Paradoxosomatidae Daday, 1889
Subfamily Alogolykinae Hoffman, 1963
Tribe Alogolykini Hoffman, 1963

Genus Tetracentrosternus Pocock, 1895

Type species: Tetracentrosternus subspinosus Pocock, 1895; by monotypy.

Other species include Tetracentrosternus hoffmani Golovatch, 2013 and Tetracentrosternus theelorsuensis sp. n.

Tetracentrosternus theelorsuensis sp. n. 

 Holotype: ♂ (CUMZ), Thailand, Tak Province, Umphang District, Thee Lor Sue Waterfall, 590 m a.s.l., 15°55'38"N, 98°45'13"E (converted from GPS data), 19.01.2011, leg. N. Likhitrakarn.
Paratypes: ♂ (CUMZ), same District, Mokro Subdistrict, roadside, 1, 168 m a.s.l., 16°14'14"N, 98°59'23"E, 20.01.2011, leg. N. Likhitrakarn. 5 ♀, 1 juv. (CUMZ), same District, Pa Wai Waterfall, 804 m a.s.l., 16°34'30"N, 98°50'3"E, 20.01.2011, leg. S. Panha, C. Sutcharit & N. Likhitrakarn.

Name: After Thee Lor Sue Waterfall, the type locality, which is the largest and highest waterfall in Thailand.

 Likhitrakarn, N., Golovatch, S.I. and Panha, S. 2013 The Millipede genus Tetracentrosternus Pocock, 1895 (Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae, Alogolykinae, Alogolykini), with A Description of the First, New Species from Thailand.
ZooKeys. 358: 1–10. DOI:  10.3897/zookeys.358.6582

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