Wednesday, October 12, 2016

[Botany • 2011] Cotoneaster rosiflorus • A New Species (Rosaceae) from Taiwan

 Cotoneaster rosiflorus 
 K. C. Chang & F. Y. Lu 

A new species of Rosaceae subfam. Spiraeoideae, tribe Pyreae (formerly subfamily Maloideae) from Taiwan is described. A taxonomic treatment, line drawings, color photographs and pollen SEM micrographs are provided to illustrate the species. A somatic chromosome number of 2n = 68 is reported for the first time for Cotoneaster rosiflorusCotoneaster rosiflorus occurs mainly at 2,500-3,500 m altitude in central Taiwan. It resembles Cmorrisonensis vegetatively, but is distinct by the erect to slightly spreading pink petals, pink or reddish filaments, 3-5 styles, and 3-5 pyrenes.

Figure 2. Cotoneaster rosiflorus K. C. Chang & F. Y. Lu.
A, Habit, flowering; B, Habit, fruiting; C, Flower, viewed from above; D, Flower, longitudinal section; E, Petal; F, Immature pome; G, Immature pome, longitudinal section; H, Immature pome, cross section; I, Ripe pome; J, Pyrenes. 

 K.-C. Chang, C.-C. Wang, S.-L. Deng, Yoshiko Kono, F.-L. Lu and Ching-I Peng. 2011.  Cotoneaster rosiflorus (Rosaceae), A New Species from Taiwan.
 Botanical Studies. 52(2); 211-218.

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