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[Botany • 2014] Notes on Benstonea (Pandanaceae) from the Islands of Halmahera, New Guinea and Sulawesi

Figure 1. AD. Benstonea verruculosa. EG. Benstonea stenocarpa. H. Benstonea celebica.

A, E. Axillary syncarp. B. Peduncle covered by prophylls. C, D, F. Details of pileus and stigmas. G. Habit. H. Polysyncarpic pending infructescence.
A–C: From Callmander & Lasut 1551 (Photos: M. Callmander). F: Munzinger & Bau 6745 (Photo: J. Munzinger). E, G. Bau s.n. (Photos: B. Bau). H. Purwanto & al. PSU42 (Photo: Y. Purwanto & R. Polosakan).
DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.175.3.6

Benstonea (Pandanaceae) was circumscribed to include 57 species formerly placed in the genus Pandanus. Field observations, accompanied by the study of available herbarium material have brought new insights for the delimitation of certain problematic species, especially in the difficult group of species characterized by an axillary infructescence on a short peduncle covered by prophylls and the abscission of the basal portion of the drupe at maturity. New combinations, based on names in Pandanus previously treated as synonyms of Benstonea stenocarpa, are proposed for three distinct species of this group from Halmahera (Indonesia) and Papua New Guinea. The identity of Benstonea celebica, endemic to Sulawesi (Indonesia), is also elucidated and an epitype is designated for this species.

Keywords: Benstonea, Pandanaceae, Halmahera, New Guinea, Sulawesi

Benstonea celebica (Warburg 1900: 80) Callmander & Buerki in Callmander & al. (2012: 332).
Benstonea jacobsii (Stone 1984: 210) Callm., Buerki & A.P. Keim, comb. nov.
Benstonea misimaensis (St. John ex Stone 1978: 54) Callm., Buerki & A.P. Keim, comb. nov
Benstonea verruculosa (Backer ex Stone 1978: 55) Callm., Buerki & Phillipson, comb. nov.    

Martin W. Callmander, Sven Buerki,  Ary P. Keim  and Peter B. Phillipson. 2014. Notes on Benstonea (Pandanaceae) from the Islands of Halmahera, New Guinea and Sulawesi. Phytotaxa. 175 (3): 161–165. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.175.3.6

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