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[Botany • 2014] Banksia vincentia • Could this be Australia’s Rarest Banksia (Proteaceae)?, A New Species Known from Fourteen Plants from south-eastern New South Wales, Australia

Banksia vincentia  M.L.Stimpson & P.H.Weston

Possession of hooked, distinctively discolorous styles, a broadly flabellate common bract subtending each flower pair, and a lignotuber place a putative new speciesBanksia sp. Jervis Bay, in the B. spinulosa complex. Phenetic analysis of individuals from all named taxa in the B. spinulosa complex, including B. sp. Jervis Bay, based on leaf, floral, seed and bract characters support recognition of this species, which is described here as Banksia vincentia M.L.Stimpson & P.H.Weston. Known only from fourteen individuals, B. vincentia is distinguished by its semi-prostrate habit, with basally prostrate, distally ascending branches from the lignotuber, and distinctive perianth colouring. Its geographical location and ecological niche also separate it from its most similar congeners.

Keywords: Basipetally, Putative, discolorous, distally, ascending

FIG 6.   Banksia vincentia  M.L.Stimpson & P.H.Weston, in its natural habitat. 
 A. Habitat and habit of B. vincentia with MLS; B. Branch with developing conflorescence; perianth yellow; C. plant with developing conflorescences; perianth orange, styles turning red; D. Developing conflorescence: perianth yellow, styles turning purple–black.

Banksia vincentia Stimpson & P.H.Weston sp. nov.
With affinities to Banksia spinulosa sensu lato, differing from other taxa in the complex by a much lower stature with stems basally prostrate from lignotuber, distally ascending.

Distribution:— Banksia vincentia is restricted to a small area near Vincentia on the south coast of New South Wales.

Derivation of Epithet:— The specific epithet is a noun in apposition that refers to the named place nearest to the only known location of this species.

Margaret L. Stimpson , Jeremy J. Bruhl and Peter H. Weston. 2014. Could this be Australia’s Rarest BanksiaBanksia vincentia (Proteaceae), A New Species Known from Fourteen Plants from south-eastern New South Wales, Australia.
Phytotaxa 163 (5): 269–286. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.163.5.3

Could this be Australia’s rarest BanksiaBanksia vincentia sp. nov.

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