Thursday, May 24, 2018

[Botany • 2018] Saxifraga luoxiaoensis (Saxifragaceae) • A New Species from Hunan and Jiangxi, China

Saxifraga luoxiaoensis W. B. Liao, L. Wang & X. J. Zhang

in Zhang, Liu, Meng, et al., 2018.


Saxifraga luoxiaoensis, a new species of the genus Saxifraga sect. Irregulares (Saxifragaceae) from Hunan and Jiangxi, China, is described and illustrated. This new species is most similar to S. daqiaoensis, which can be easily distinguished from the later by its leaf margin 7- or 9-lobed and winged capsule. The systematic position of this species within Saxifraga sect. Irregulares is assessed based on molecular phylogenetic analysis of the chloroplast regions sequences together with morphological comparisons.

Keywords: China, Hunan and Jiangxi, molecular phylogeny, new species, Saxifraga, Eudicots

FIGURE 2. Saxifraga luoxiaoensis W. B. Liao, L. Wang & X. J. Zhang.
A. Habitat; B. adaxial surface of leaves; C. abaxial surface of leaves; D. plants and inflorescence; E. rhizomes and petiole; F. flowers; G. semiannular disc; H. fruits on dry specimen; I. young fruit.

Saxifraga luoxiaoensis W. B. Liao, L. Wang & X. J. Zhang, sp. nov. 

Type:— CHINA. Jiangxi Province, Suichuan County, Daijiapu Town, in wet limestone under of gully, Elev. 1466 m, May 2016, W. Y. Zhao, Q. L. Ding, X. J. Zhang et al., LXP-13-16785 (SYS!).

 Diagnosis:— Saxifraga luoxiaoensis is similar to S. daqiaoensis, S. epiphylla and S. mengtzeana. S. epiphylla differs from the new species chiefly in that it produces a foliar embryo in the sinus of the basal leaf blades. The leaf blades of S. mengtzeana has no foliar embryo, but it has blades glabrous adaxially. S. daqiaoensis differs from the new species in its peltate leaves and leaf margin remotely shallowly dentate or subentire. The most distinctive characters of S. luoxiaoensis is the winged capsule. 

 Distribution and ecology:— The new species Saxifraga luoxiaoensis occurs in the centre of Luoxiao mountain range between Hunan and Jiangxi province, China, and grows on moist rocks nearby valleys, alt. 1200–1900 m. 

 Etymology:—The specific epithet is derived from Luoxiao mountain range.

Xin-Jian Zhang, Zhong-Cheng Liu, Kai-Kai Meng, Qiao-Ling Ding, Lei Wang and Wen-Bo Liao. 2018. Saxifraga luoxiaoensis (Saxifragaceae), A New Species from Hunan and Jiangxi, China. Phytotaxa. 350(3); 291–296. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.350.3.8

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