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[Botany • 2018] Diospyros phengklaii (Ebenaceae) • A New Species from south-west Thailand

Diospyros phengklaii  Duangjai, Sinbumroong & Suddee

in Duangjai, Sinbumroong & Suddee. 2018.

Diospyros phengklaii Duangjai, Sinbumroong & Suddee is described and illustrated. It is a species of tree only known from Bang Saphan District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, upper Peninsular Thailand. Phylogenetic evidence indicates that D. phengklaii is a distinct taxon and is a member of the Diospyros clade XI sensu Duangjai et al. (2009).

KEYWORDS:  Diospyros, morphology, new species, phylogenetics, Prachuap Khiri Khan, taxonomy

Figure 2. Diospyros phengklaii Duangjai, Sinbumroong & Suddee.
A. fruiting branchlet; B. stem & bark; C. leaves; D. flower bud of female flower; E–F. fruits. 
Photographs were taken by the second author on 10 October 2012 (B–F) and 25 March 2013 (A).

Diospyros phengklaii Duangjai, Sinbumroong & Suddee, sp. nov.

 Diospyros phengklaii resembles D. filipendula in the leaves with dense brown hairs, 4–5-merous flower with a salver-shaped corolla tube, and with long pedicel. It differs from that species by the bigger fruit, fruit narrowly cylindrical instead of ellipsoid, ovary (8–)10-locular rather than 4-locular.


Type: Thailand, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Bang Saphan, Thong Mongkhon, 25 Mar. 2013, Sinbumroong 56-2 (holotype BKF [213821], isotypes BK, BKF [213822, 213823, 213824], K). 

Vernacular.— Maphlap phengklai (มะพลับเพ็งคล้าย). 

Distribution.— Endemic to south-western Thailand, only known from Bang Saphan District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province; may also be found in Myanmar. 

Ecology.— Tropical evergreen forest along stream; ca 200 m alt. 

Conservation status.— Endangered ENB1ab(iii) (IUCN, 2012). This species is currently known only from one locality with only 13 individuals found. The locality found is close to a village which is subject to human disturbance. 

Phenology.— Flowering and fruiting all year round. 

Etymology.— Named in honour of Dr Chamlong Phengklai, a senior botanist at the Forest Herbarium (BKF).

Sutee Duangjai, Aroon Sinbumroong and Somran Suddee. 2018. Diospyros phengklaii (Ebenaceae), A New Species from south-west Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany). 46(1); 34-39.  DOI: 10.20531/tfb.2018.46.1.05

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