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[Botany • 2017] Lagerstroemia ruffordii • A New Species (Lythraceae) from Vietnam and Cambodia

Lagerstroemia ruffordii   T. T. Pham & Tagane

in Pham, Tagane, Chhang, et al, 2017.

A new species of Lagerstroemia ruffordii T. T. Pham & Tagane (Lythraceae) from Vietnam and Cambodia is described and illustrated. It is morphologically similar to L. petiolaris in having petioles more than 0.9 cm long, but distinguished mainly by its narrower leaves, larger flowers and distinctly 6-ridged calyx tube. DNA barcodes of the two chloroplast regions of rbcL and matK and one ITS of nuclear ribosomal DNA are also provided.

Keywords: DNA barcoding, Indochina, Lagerstroemia, Lythraceae, new species

Fig. 2. Lagerstroemia ruffordii T. T. Pham & Tagane from Vietnam (A–F) and Cambodia (G–I).
A, Habit; B, trunk; C, Leafy twig (adaxial side); D, leafy twig (abaxial side); E, flower; F. fruits; G. fruiting branch: H, abaxial leaf surface; I, fruits.

 [Photographs by Pham T. T. on 29 March 2016 for Pham T. T. & Nguyen T. T. 16032901 (A–F) and by S. Tagane on 1 November 2016 for Tagane et al. 6971 (G–I)].

Vernacular name in Cambodia. Kval Yang (in Sen Monorom), Sralao Chu (in Khmer).

 Etymology. The specific epithet ‘rufford’ is derived from the Rufford Small Grants Foundation that supported this research.

Trang Thanh Pham, Shuichiro Tagane, Phourin Chhang, Tetsukazu Yahara, Phetlasy Souradeth and Thu Thi Nguyen. 2017. Lagerstroemia ruffordii (Lythraceae), A New Species from Vietnam and Cambodia. Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotany68(3); 175-180. DOI 10.18942/apg.201705

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