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[Botany • 2017] Dimorphanthera wickendeniana • A New Species (Ericaceae) from Papua, Indonesian New Guinea

  Dimorphanthera wickendeniana Argent 

in Argent & Conlon, 2017. 

A new species of Dimorphanthera is described and figured. Collected in 1993 from Indonesian New Guinea (Papua) by the late Michael Wickenden, this plant is distinct in the unique combination of characters that it possesses.

Fig. 2 The plant flowering at RBGE.
Photo: Tony Conlon.

Dimorphanthera wickendeniana Argent species nova

Diagnosis: Distinct in the combination of characters: densely patently hairy stems; leaves with minutely crenulate margins; 3–5 pli-nerved venation; fasciculate inflorescences lacking a rhachis; laxly hairy corollas and a glabrous disk.

Ecology: Collected in the Lake Habbema region which is a sub-montane area with a mixture of open Papuacedrus forest and ericaceous shrubbery interspersed with open grassy areas at about 3,500m altitude. This plant was described as a tall shrub but would probably have been growing at a shrubbery margin. In cultivation it is a sprawling shrub.

Etymology: Named after the late Michael Wickenden, collector of this plant, horticulturist and naturalist who collected many rare and interesting plants for his plant nursery at Gatehouse of Fleet, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.

George Argent and Tony Conlon. 2017. Dimorphanthera wickendeniana: A New Species from Papua, Indonesian New Guinea. SIBBALDIA: The Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture. 15; 147-150.


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