Monday, January 22, 2018

[Botany • 2017] Impatiens nilalohitae • A New Species (Balsaminaceae) from Northeastern India

Impatiens nilalohitae  Hareesh & M.Sabu

in Hareesh & Sabu. 2017.  

Impatiens nilalohitae is described from Arunachal Pradesh, Northeastern India. The new species shows similarities with I. adamowskiana and I. rugosipetala, but differs by having a 10–15-flowered inflorescence, dark purple flowers, and four lateral sepals, among other characters. A detailed description and colour photographs, as well as remarks on geographic distribution and ecology, are provided.

Keywords: Arunachal Pradesh, Balsaminaceae, Impatiens, new species, Monocots

Impatiens nilalohitae Hareesh & M.Sabu sp. nov.

Impatiens nilalohitae Hareesh & M.Sabu sp. nov. 

Impatiens nilalohitae is phenotypically similar to I. adamowskiana but differs by having a non-winged stem, setaceous stipular gland, 10– 15-flowered inflorescence, dark purple flower, four lateral sepals, and spur with a notched apex. It is also similar to I. rugosipetala but differs by having 10–15-flowered inflorescence, dark purple flower with non-rugose petals, four lateral sepals, lower sepal with an acute apex, and a spur with a notched apex.

Etymology—The specific epithet refers to the purple colour (nilalohita in Sanskrit) of the flower and the abaxial leaf blade surface.

Vadakkoot Sankaran Hareesh and Mamiyil Sabu. 2017. Impatiens nilalohitae (Balsaminaceae): A New Species from Northeastern India. Phytotaxa. 323(2); 189–193.  DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.323.2.7