Saturday, September 2, 2017

[Herpetology • 2017] Sachatamia electrops • A Remarkable New White-Eyed Glassfrog Species of Sachatamia (Anura: Centrolenidae) from Colombia, with Comments on the Systematics of the Genus

Sachatamia electrops
Rada, Jeckel, Caorsi, Barrientos, Rivera-Correa & Grant, 2017

We describe a striking new species of the genus Sachatamia from the eastern slope of Colombia's Central Andes. The new species differs from the most closely related species (i.e., Sachatamia albomaculata and S. punctulata) by its green dorsal coloration in life with yellow and blue dots, and unique semicirclular, white blotch in the dorsal portion of the iris. With this new species, we increase the currently recognized species in the genus to five. Mitochondrial DNA sequences corroborate both the phylogenetic position of the new species within Sachatamia and its status as a new species. In addition, in light of our results some taxonomic implications are briefly discussed.

Keywords: Amphibia, Andes, Cordillera Central, New Species, Sachatamia, Taxonomy

Figure 2. Sachatamia electrops sp. nov. (A) Dorsal and (B) ventral view of paratype (SVL = 21.6 mm; MHUA-A 8611; female; not to scale). Note the dorsal iris with a silvery-white mark that differs from the circumpupillary ring described by Cisneros-Heredia and McDiarmid (2007). Photos: J.D. Loaiza Piedrahita.

Sachatamia electrops sp. nov.

Etymology: The specific epithet is derived from the Greek nouns elektron meaning electric, and ops, meaning eye, in reference to the “electric eye” that characterizes the new species.

Figure 5. Map of northern South America, Panama, and Costa Rica showing locality records of five species of Sachatamia. Yellow triangles = S. albomaculata, magenta triangles = S. electrops sp. nov., green rhomboids = S. ilex, red squares = S. orejuela, and blue circles = S. punctulata. Stars denote types localities. Detailed information about localities is provided in Appendix S1.

Marco Rada, Adriana M. Jeckel, Valentina Z. Caorsi, Lucas S. Barrientos, Mauricio Rivera-Correa and Taran Grant. 2017. A Remarkable New White-Eyed Glassfrog Species of Sachatamia from Colombia (Anura: Centrolenidae), with Comments on the Systematics of the Genus. South American Journal of Herpetology. 12(2); 157-173.   DOI: 10.2994/SAJH-D-16-00041.1

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