Sunday, September 3, 2017

[Crustacea • 2017] Gebiacantha sagamiensis • A New Species of Upogebiid Shrimp (Decapoda: Gebiidea) from Sagami Bay, central Japan

Gebiacantha sagamiensis  Tomoyuki. 2017   


A new species of the upogebiid shrimp genus Gebiacantha Ngoc-Ho, 1989, Gebiacantha sagamiensis, is described and illustrated on the basis of a single male specimen collected from Sagami Bay, central Japan, at depths of 101-106 m. It appears closest to G. reunionensis Ngoc-Ho, 1989, known only from La Réunion, western Indian Ocean, but the different shape of the pleomere 6 and the better developed armature of the pereopod 1 carpus distinguish the new species from G. reunionensis. Comments on the taxonomic status of Gebiacantha and Paragebicula Sakai, 2006, and on the generic assignment of the new species, are given.

Keywords: Gebiacantha reunionensis, generic assignment, Paragebicula, Crustacea, Japan

Family Upogebiidae 
Genus Gebiacantha Ngoc-Ho, 1989 

Gebiacantha sagamiensis n. sp. 
[New Japanese name: Sagami-toge-ana-jyako]

Etymology. The specific name refers to Sagami Bay, the location embracing the type locality.

FIGURE 4. Gebiacantha sagamiensis n. sp., holotype, male (cl 3.2 mm), CBM-ZC 13874, entire animal in dorsal view, showing colouration in life.

Komai Tomoyuki. 2017. Gebiacantha sagamiensis, A New Species of Upogebiid Shrimp (Crustacea: Decapoda: Gebiidea) from Sagami Bay, central Japan.
 Zootaxa. 4263(3); 578–586.   DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4263.3.9


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