Sunday, September 3, 2017

[Botany • 2017] Bituminaria antiatlantica • A New Species (Psoraleeae, Fabaceae) from Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Bituminaria antiatlantica Brullo, C. Brullo, Cambria, Cristaudo & Giusso

A new species of Bituminaria is described and illustrated: Bituminaria antiatlantica Brullo, C. Brullo, Cambria, Cristaudo & Giusso, sp. nov., which is endemic to Anti-Atlas Mountains (Morocco). It is a true chasmophyte, characterized by a suffruticose habit, several woody branches, leaflets coriaceous, rounded to ovate, small, few-flowered inflorescences and corolla pale coloured.

Keywords: Fabaceae, Leguminosae, New species, Endemic, Morocco, Bituminaria, Psoraleeae, Taxonomy, Pollen grain, Seed testa

Bituminaria antiatlantica Brullo, C. Brullo, Cambria, Cristaudo & Giusso

Figure 4. Phenological features of Bituminaria antiatlantica  A Natural habitat with Bituminaria antiatlantica in Djebel Imzi (Morocco) B Habit of B. antiatlantica in Mount Tachilla (Morocco) C Natural habitat of B. antiatlantica with Dracaena draco L. subsp. ajgal in Djebel Imzi (Morocco) D Inflorescence detail of B. antiatlantica E Fructified inflorescence of B. antiatlantica F Leaf detail of B. antiatlantica (Photos by S. Cambria).

Bituminaria antiatlantica Brullo, C. Brullo, Cambria, Cristaudo & Giusso, sp. nov.

Bituminaria bituminosa (L.) C.H. Stirt. affinis, sed habitu suffruticoso, ramis lignosis, foliolis glabris vel sparsim pilosis, subrotundatis vel ovatis, max. 35 mm longis, petiolis usque ad 6 cm longis, inflorescentia laxa, saepe subspicata, 1,5-2 cm longa, 3-10-flora, calice 12-13.5 mm longo, corolla pallida.

Distribution and ecology: Bituminaria antiatlantica is a rare and localized species, currently known only from Mount Tachilla and Djebel Imzi in the Anti-Atlas Mountains in southern Morocco, (Fig. 3). It grows between 300 and 1500 m of altitude, on steep, north-facing slopes, chiefly constituted of Precambrian quartzite. From the bioclimatic viewpoint, this area falls within the infra- and the thermo-mediterranean type, with semiarid to subhumid ombrotype (Benabid and Cuzin, 1997). ...

Etymology: The specific epithet refers to the Anti-Atlas range, where the species occurs.

Salvatore Brullo, Cristian Brullo, Salvatore Cambria, Antonia Cristaudo and Gianpietro Giusso del Galdo. 2017. Bituminaria antiatlantica (Psoraleeae, Fabaceae), A New Species from Morocco. PhytoKeys. 85: 109-124. DOI: 10.3897/phytokeys.85.12288