Saturday, September 16, 2017

[Botany • 2017] Polyalthia yingjiangensis • A New Species (Annonaceae) from the China/Myanmar Border

Polyalthia yingjiangensis  Y. H. Tan & B. Xue


Polyalthia yingjiangensis sp. nov. is described from the China/Myanmar border. It is distinct in having outer petals that are much shorter than the inner petals and having a very long pedicel. It is most similar to P. miliusoides I.M. Turner, but differs in having perianth parts that are glabrous adaxially and pubescent abaxially, thicker and sparsely pubescent pedicels, as well as verrucose and darker monocarps.

Figure 1. Flower and fruit morphology of Polyalthia yingjiangensis sp. nov.
(A)–(E) branch and inflorescence, showing extra-axillary inflorescence with long pedicel, unequal corolla whorls and leaves with slightly asymmetrical leaf base with petiole superficially below lamina surface, (F) dried fruits (C. L. Dang 9977, YUKU), (G) a single dried monocarp, showing the verrucose surface (86 Exped. 01111, KUN), (H) lateral and top view of one seed, showing the shallow longitudinal circumferential groove (86 Exped. 01111, KUN), (I) transverse and longitudinal section of the seed, showing spiniform endosperm ruminations (86 Exped. 01111, KUN).
Photos: (A)–(E) De-Ping Ye, (F)–(I) Bine Xue.

Polyalthia yingjiangensis Y. H. Tan & B. Xue sp. nov.  

Etymology: The new species Polyalthia yingjiangensis is named after its type locality, Yingjiang county of Yunnan province, China.

Bine Xue, De-Ping Ye, Yun-Yun Shao and Yun-Hong Tan. 2017. Polyalthia yingjiangensis sp. nov (Annonaceae) from the China/Myanmar Border. Nordic Journal of Botany. 35; 476–481.  DOI: 10.1111/njb.01612

A New Species of Annonaceae Found at China