Sunday, July 2, 2017

[Ornithology • 2017] Molecular Systematics, Taxonomy and Distribution of the Pyrrhura pictaleucotis Complex

plumage patterns of some taxa of the Pyrrhura picta-leucotis complex.

Introduction: The relationships within the Pyrrhura species complex are partly unresolved. In this study, a comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of the Pyrrhura picta-leucotis complex was carried out, covering all species except P. subandina.

Material and Methods: We made a morphological analysis of 745 preserved specimens of all the taxa in different museums. Nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome gene were generated and used to reconstruct a molecular phylogeny of Pyrrhura.

 Results and Discussion: Our results show that the complex is divided into 6 main groups comprising 15 species. P. dilutissima, regarded up to now as a subspecies of Pperuviana, acquires species status and three new subspecies are described. We also provide evidence that P. roseifrons is a paraphyletic group, indicating the existence of probably 3 lineages of which 2 deserve species status.

Fig. 4. Overview of the plumage patterns of all taxa of the Pyrrhura picta-leucotis complex.

 Thomas Arndt and Michael Wink. 2017. Molecular Systematics, Taxonomy and Distribution of the Pyrrhura picta–leucotis Complex. The Open Ornithology Journal. 10; 53-91.
DOI: 10.2174/1874453201710010053  

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