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[Botany • 2016] Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) Species from Karst Limestone in Kelantan, Malaysia, including Three New Species

Impatiens chikuensis Kiew
Impatiens foxworthyi M.R.Hend

Peninsular Malaysian Impatiens foxworthyi M.R.Hend. is distinct from the Thai I. opinata Craib. Three new Impatiens species are described: Impatiens glaricola Kiew with purple flowers, Impatiens chikuensis Kiew with pale yellow flowers, and Impatiens vinosa Kiew with deep red flowers. While Impatiens foxworthyi is widespread on karst limestone in Kelantan and Pahang, the three new species are narrowly endemic to Kelantan limestone and are critically endangered.

Keywords. Balsams, conservation assessments, Peninsular Malaysia


1. Impatiens chikuensis Kiew, sp. nov.
Etymology. Named for the only locality from where it is known, viz. FELDA Chiku limestone

2. Impatiens foxworthyi M.R.Hend., Gard. Bull. Straits Settlem. 4: 50 (1927); Henderson, J. Malayan Branch Roy. Asiat. Soc. 17: 38 (1939); Henderson, Malayan Nat. J. 3: 35 (1948). – TYPE: Peninsular Malaysia, Pahang, Gua [Goa] Kechapi, February 1924 Md. Nur (with Foxworthy) SFN11912 (holotype SING). (Fig. 4)

 Impatiens opinata auct. non Craib: Shimizu, S.E. Asian Stud. 8(2): 216 (1970); Chin, Gard. Bull. Singapore 32: 96 (1979); Kiew, Malayan Naturalist 38(3): 33 (1985); Kiew in Henderson’s Malaysian Wild Fl. Dicot. 173 (2014).

Etymology. F.W. Foxworthy (1877–1950), American forester and the first forest research officer (1918–1932) in Malaya.

3. Impatiens glaricola Kiew, sp. nov.
Etymology. Latin, glara = scree -icola = dwelling, from its habitat.

4. Impatiens vinosa Kiew, sp. nov.
Etymology. Latin, vinosa = wine-red, referring to the flower colour.

R. Kiew. 2016. Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) Species from Karst Limestone in Kelantan, Malaysia, including Three New Species. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore. 68(2); 225–238. DOI:  10.3850/S2382581216000181

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