Monday, April 3, 2017

[Invertebrate • 2017] Pygmarrhopalites dbari & P. kovali • Two New Troglobiont Pygmarrhopalites Species of the principalis group (Collembola: Arrhopalitidae) from the West Caucasus

Pygmarrhopalites kovali  
Vargovitsh, 2017



Springtails of the principalis-group of the genus Pygmarrhopalites from the W Caucasian caves in Abkhazia are described: Pygmarrhopalites dbari sp. nov. from Psyrtskha Cave in Novy Afon and Pygmarrhopalites kovali sp. nov. from caves of Tsebelda Karst Massif. They differ from epigean relatives mainly by troglomorphies: reduced pigmentation, elongated appendages and modified foot complex. These new species as well as a great portion of endemic Caucasian speleofauna have highly restricted distribution and require protection. A new record of Arrhopalites abchasicus Vargovitsh, 2013 in Novoafonskaya Cave is added.

Keywords: Collembola, springtails, Symphypleona, taxonomy, new record, troglomorphic, Caucasus Mountains, Abkhazia

Pygmarrhopalites kovali, habitus of mounted male. 

Robert S. Vargovitsh. 2017. Two New Troglobiont Pygmarrhopalites Species of the principalis group (Collembola: Arrhopalitidae) from the West Caucasus. Zootaxa. 4250(1); 23-42.  DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4250.1.2

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