Monday, April 17, 2017

[Botany • 2017] Arisaema brinchangense Y.W. Low, Scherberich & Gusman (Araceae), A New Threatened Species Endemic to the Cameron Highlands (Peninsular Malaysia)

Arisaema brinchangense Y.W. Low, Scherberich & Gusman 


Arisaema brinchangense Y.W. Low, Scherberich & Gusman (Araceae) is described as new and illustrated. The new species is similar to Arisaema anomalum Hemsl. but differs by the morphology of its spathe. It is placed under Arisaema sect. Anomalum Gusman & L. Gusman based on morphological and growth characters, the latter observed in the field and unique to that section. Arisaema brinchangense is endemic to the Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia, and is assessed as “Critically Endangered” following IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria due to habitat loss.

Keywords: ARACEAEArisaema, Peninsular Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, Taxonomy, New species

Etymology. – The species epithet refers to Mount Brinchang (2,031 m), where the type specimen was collected.

Distribution and Habitat.– Arisaema brinchangense is so far known only from around the summit of Mount Brinchang, Cameron highlands where it grows in the montane forest c. 2000 m on moist forest floor covered with thick organic litter under deep to semi-shaded condition.

 Yee Wen Low, David Scherberich  and Guy Gusman. 2017. Arisaema brinchangense Y.W. Low, Scherberich & Gusman (Araceae), A New Threatened Species Endemic to the Cameron Highlands (Peninsular Malaysia). Candollea. 71(1); 83–89.  DOI: 10.15553/c2016v711a10

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