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[Botany • 2014] Curcuma peramoena • A New Species (Zingiberaceae) from north Lao PDR

ຫວ້ານຫົວນ້ອຍ |  Curcuma peramoena  Souvann. & Maknoi

 Curcuma peramoena Souvann. & Maknoi, a new species from north of Laos is described and illustrated here.

KEYWORDS: Curcuma, Zingiberaceae, new species, Lao PDR

FIGURE 2. Curcuma peramoena Souvann. & Maknoi:   A. habit; B. rhizome with inflorescence; C. bract; D. flower lateral view; E. flower front view; F. calyx tube and detail calyx lobe; G. lateral corolla lobe; H. dorsal corolla lobe; I. staminodes; J. labellum; K. floral tube and anther lateral view; L. anthers front view. 
Scale bars A=5 cm; B, C=2 cm; D, E, G, H, I, J, K, L=1 cm; F=1.4 cm
Line drawing by K. Souvannakhoummane from P. Srisanga et al. L2-294. 

FIGURE 1. Flower of Curcuma peramoena Souvann. & Maknoi, from P. Srisanga et al. L2-294.
Photo by Kitthisack Phoutthavong. 

Etymology.— The specific epithet, peramoena, refers to its very beautiful flowers.
Vernacular  name.— ຫວ້ານຫົວນ້ອຍ (Wan Houa Noi).

Notes.— This species belongs to subgenus Ecomata Škorničk. & Šída f. (Záveská et al., 2012) because of the following characters: lack of coma bract, open flower, presence of epigynous glands and conical anther spur. ...

 Keooudone Souvannakhoummane and  Charun Maknoi. 2014. Curcuma peramoena (Zingiberaceae), A New Species from north Lao PDR. THAI JOURNAL OF BOTANY. 6(2); 125-130. 

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