Sunday, April 30, 2017

[Porifera • 2017] Cinachyrella anatriaenilla • A New Tetillid Sponge with Microacanthoxeas from American Samoa in the South Pacific

Cinachyrella anatriaenilla 
 Fernandez, Kelly & Bell, 2017 


Several sponges from American Samoa, collected by the Coral Reef Research Foundation, Republic of Palau, were tentatively identified by one of us as Acanthotetilla cf. seychellensis (Thomas 1973), due to the possession of relatively small acanthose oxeas, compared to those of other species of the genus Acanthotetilla Burton 1959. These sponges were later compared to Cinachyrella australiensis (Carter 1886), taking into account the lack of conspicuous spination on the acanthose oxeas and general features of spiculation and skeletal organisation. The specimens were later considered to represent a new species of the genus Cinachyrella Wilson 1925, after a careful comparison was made between the American Samoan specimens and C. australiensis which also contains small acanthose oxeas. Several recent molecular phylogenetic studies have confirmed the generic assignment of one of the American Samoan specimens as belonging to Cinachyrella. Cinachyrella anatriaenilla sp. nov., described herein, is the fifth of 40 Cinachyrella spp. that contain lightly spined microacanthoxeas.

Keywords: Porifera, Tetractinellida, Spirophorina, Tetillidae, Acanthotetilla, new species

Cinachyrella anatriaenilla sp. nov., morphology: Specimen in situ surrounded by several other sponges. 

Etymology. Named for the possession of highly characteristic small anatriaenes (anatriaene + illa— female adjectival suffix in Latin related to diminutive of a name).

Julio C.C. Fernandez, Michelle Kelly and Lori J. Bell. 2017.   Cinachyrella anatriaenilla sp. nov., A New Tetillid Sponge with Microacanthoxeas from American Samoa in the South Pacific.    Zootaxa.  4258(1); 81–90.   DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4258.1.6