Sunday, April 30, 2017

[Fungi • 2017] Melansporella juglandiumMelansporellaceae: A Novel Family of Diaporthales (Ascomycota)

Melansporella juglandium  C.M. Tian & Z. Du


Melansporellaceae fam. nov. is introduced to accommodate a genus of diaporthalean fungi that is a phytopathogen causing walnut canker disease in China. The family is typified by Melansporella gen. nov. It can be distinguished from other diaporthalean families based on its irregularly uniseriate ascospores, and ovoid, brown conidia with a hyaline sheath and surface structures. Phylogenetic analysis shows that Melansporella juglandium sp. nov. forms a monophyletic group within Diaporthales (MP/ML/BI=100/96/1) and is a new diaporthalean clade, based on molecular data of ITS and LSU gene regions. Thus, a new family is proposed to accommodate this taxon.

Keywords: diaporthalean fungi, fungal diversity, new taxon, Sordariomycetes, systematics, taxonomy, Fungi

FIGURE 2. Melansporella juglandium  C.M. Tian & Z. Du
 A. Habit of ascostroma and conidiomata on twig. BC. Habit of conidiomata on twig. D. Transverse section through a conidioma. E, IJ. Longitudinal section through conidiomata. FH. Habit of ascomata on twig. KL. Conidiophores and conidia. MN. Conidia. OP. Asci and ascospores. QR. Ascospores.

 Scale bars: A = 5 mm, B–G, J = 500 μm, H, I = 1 mm, K–R = 20 μm.  DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.305.3.6 

Melansporellaceae C.M. Tian & Z. Du, fam. nov.  
MycoBank 820305
Type genus:— 

Melansporella C.M. Tian & Z. Du, gen. nov. 
MycoBank MB 820306
Type species:— Melansporella juglandium.

Etymology:— referring to the dark conidia.
Description:— Perithecia immersed in the substrate, arranged irregularly, ostioles convergent and erumpent through the disc. Asci oblong or fusoid, irregularly uniseriate, 8-spored. Ascospores fusoid, 1-septate, hyaline, lacking appendages. Pycnidial conidiomata with a single locule. Conidiophores hyaline to light brown, simple. Conidiogenous cells cylindrical. Conidia ovoid, brown, sheathed, with surface structures.

Melansporella juglandium C.M. Tian & Z. Du, sp. nov. 
 MycoBank MB820307

Etymology:— juglandium, referring to Juglans regia, the only host known for this species.


Zhuo Du, Kevin D. Hyde, Qin Yang, Ying-Mei Liang and Cheng-Ming Tian. 2017. Melansporellaceae: A Novel Family of Diaporthales (Ascomycota).   Zootaxa. 305(3); 191–200.  DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.305.3.6