Tuesday, February 7, 2017

[Botany • 2017] Maschalostachys gen. nov. • A New Genus of Vernonieae (Asteraceae) from Brazil

Maschalostachys markgrafii  (Barroso) Loeuille & Roque


Maschalostachys, a new genus of Asteraceae (Vernonieae, Lychnophorinae) from Brazil, is described and illustrated to accommodate two species, Maschalostachys markgrafii, which was previously placed in Lychnophora (L. markgrafii), and a new species here described as Maschalostachys mellosilvae. The combination of several diagnostic characters pertaining to Maschalostachys, including monopodial treelets, semi-amplexicaul leaf sheath, indument composed of T-shaped and unbranched trichomes, capitula fused in a syncephalium and organized in axillary loose spikes or frequently in panicle of spikes (rarely cyme), is not found in any other genus of the tribe Vernonieae. Affinities of the new genus with other genera of Lychnophorinae are discussed. Each species is described and illustrated, and its conservation status is assessed.

Keywords: campos rupestres, Compositae, endemism, Espinhaço Range, Lychnophorinae, Eudicots, Brazil

Maschalostachys Loeuille & Roque, gen. nov.

Type:— Lychnophora markgrafii Barroso (1956: 260) 
= Maschalostachys markgrafii (Barroso) Loeuille & Roque.

Genus similis Paralychnophorae vaginis foliosis semiamplexicaulibus, capitulis in syncephalis aggregatis et pappo biseriali sed indumento pilis T-formibus et pilis simplicibus compositis (nec pilis 3–5-brachiatis) et inflorescentia spicis syncephalorum vel paniculis spicarum syncephalorum (nec syncephalis solitariis) differt.

Etymology:— The name means axillary spike in transliterated greek (μασχάλη - maschalo - axillary; στάχυς - stachys - spike).

• Maschalostachys markgrafii (G.M. Barroso) Loeuille & Roque, comb. nov. 
Basionym: Lychnophora markgrafii Barroso (1956: 260), as “markgravii

Etymology:— Barroso (1956) meant to honor the German botanist Friedrich Markgraf (1897–1987) who collected the type material, however she misspelled the surname when forming the epithet as “markgravii”. Therefore the epithet is here cited as “markgrafii” with correction according to Art. 60.1 (McNeill et al. 2012).

• Maschalostachys mellosilvae Loeuille & Roque, sp. nov.  

Species Maschalostachyi markgrafio simile, sed inflorescentiis spicarum syncephalorum solitariis (raro cymis) (nec paniculis spicarum syncephalorum), capitulis inter 1/4 ad 1/2 pro longitudinem connatis (non adpressis basem versus) et floribus 11–23 (non 4–5) differt

Etymology:— The species epithet honors the first collector of the species, Renato de Mello-Silva, a Brazilian botanist at the Department of Botany, USP, São Paulo, Brazil. 

Benoit Loeuille and Nádia Roque. 2017. Maschalostachys, A New Genus of Vernonieae (Asteraceae) from Brazil. Phytotaxa. 295(1); 35–48. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.295.1.3