Friday, February 17, 2017

[Arachnida • 2017] Stygophrynus orientalis • A New Species (Amblypygi: Charontidae) from Banggai Island, Indonesia with the Description of A Remarkable Spermatophore

Stygophrynus orientalis 
Seiter & Wolff. 2017 


Here Stygophrynus orientalis sp. nov. is described, a new charontid whip spider from Banggai Island, Indonesia, representing the most eastern record of the genus exceeding the formerly postulated restriction of its distribution western of the Wallace Line. In addition, the third known spermatophore of a Stygophrynus species is presented, which differs remarkably from those previously described from the genus. Finally, the cerotegument structure of the new species is depicted and compared with that of other Charontidae and Charinidae.

Keywords: Amblypygi, Whip spider, Charontidae, Stygophrynus new species, spermatophore, cerotegument structure, South-East Asia, distribution, biodiversity

FIGURE 4. Photographs of living adult Stygophrynus orientalis sp. nov. individuals in captivity.
  C Adult female with protonymphs (shortly after moulting). 

Etymology: The name, orientalis, refers to this species representing the easternmost record of the genus known to date. 

Michael Seiter and Jonas O. Wolff. 2017. Stygophrynus orientalis sp. nov. (Amblypygi: Charontidae) from Indonesia with the Description of A Remarkable Spermatophore. 
Zootaxa. 4232(3); 397–408.  DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4232.3.8

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