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[Herpetology • 2018] Leptophryne javanica • Detection of Cryptic Taxa in the Genus Leptophryne (Fitzinger, 1843) (Amphibia; Bufonidae) and The Description of A New Species from Java, Indonesia

 Leptophryne javanica 
Hamidy, Munir, Mumpuni, Rahmania & Kholik, 2018

Kodok Merah Ciremai ||

We investigated phylogenetic relationships among populations of two species within the genus Leptophryne, L. cruentata and L. borbonica, using the mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene. As a result, we identified two distinct lineages within populations currently considered Leptophryne cruentata: 1) a lineage containing L. cruentata from the type locality, and 2) a lineage from Mt. Slamet and Mt. Ciremai. On the basis of genetic and morphological differences, we describe the Mt. Slamet and Mt. Ciremai populations as a new speciesLeptophryne javanica sp. nov. The new species is distinguished from L. cruentata and L. borbonica by the following combination of morphological characters: the presence of distinct yellow mottling on the dorsum; relatively small body size (SVL male 22.2–24.0 mm, female 29.6 mm); relatively short hindlimbs (HLL 37.0–40.9 mm); relatively short fourth toe (4ToeL 4.3–6.0 mm); basal webbing on the hands, but well developed on toes; very protruding snout and an indistinct tympanum. In our preliminary phylogenetic analysis, we also detected four distinct lineages within Leptophryne borbonica: 1) a lineage containing true L. borbonica from west Java, 2) a lineage from Lampung (Sumatra I), 3) a lineage from northern Borneo, and 4) a lineage from Bengkulu (Sumatra II). Further studies are needed to determine taxonomic status of these lineages.

Keywords: Amphibia, Leptophryne javanica, new species, Sundaland, taxonomy

Leptophryne javanica sp. nov.: female paratype (MZB 28564)
photographs by Farist Alhadi.

Leptophryne javanica new species
 Leptophryne cruentata (Tschudi, 1838): Mumpuni 2014

Etymology. The specific epithet is in reference to Java, the island where the type series was collected.

Range. Leptophryne javanica sp. nov. is currently known only from the northwestern slope of Mt. Slamet and Mt. Ciremai (Fig. 1). Since L. cruentata is endemic to mountains in the west of Java, Leptophryne javanica sp. nov. is likely endemic to mountains in the central part of the island ....


Leptophryne cruentata from Cibereum waterfall, Mt. Gede.: male (MZB Amph 22257)
 photographs by Farist Alhadi

 Amir Hamidy, Misbahul Munir, Mumpuni Mumpuni, Mila Rahmania and Azis Abdul Kholik. 2018. Detection of Cryptic Taxa in the Genus Leptophryne (Fitzinger, 1843) (Amphibia; Bufonidae) and The Description of A New Species from Java, Indonesia. Zootaxa. 4450(4); 427–444. DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4450.4.2

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