Wednesday, August 15, 2018

[Entomology • 2018] Notes on Ditomina, with Description of Two New Genera [Parapenthus & Indocarterus gen. n.] and A New Species [I. inexspectatus sp. n.] (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from the Middle East and India

Parapenthus solitarius (Peyron, 1858)

in Kataev & Wrase, 2018. 

Two new monotypical genera of the subtribe Ditomina are described: Parapenthus gen. n. for Ditomus solitarius Peyron, 1858 from the Middle East, which was treated previously either within Penthus Chaudoir, 1843 or within Penthophonus Reitter, 1900, and Indocarterus gen. n. for I. inexspectatus sp. n. from the west of the Indian state of Maharashtra (type locality: Wai env., 70 km S of Pune). The possible genesis of Indocarterus gen. n. is discussed because it is the single genus of the subtribe distributed in the Oriental (Indo-Malayan) region in isolation from the other Ditomina which all occur in the West Palaearctic. It is assumed that the ancestor of this genus was isolated in the Indian Peninsula from the Tethyan area probably during the early stages of the diversification of Ditomina. In addition, the enigmatic genus Proditomus Schauberger, 1934 and its single species, P. mirus Schauberger, 1934, known only from the female holotype, are re-described and illustrated. Setation of the parameres and medial lobe in Ditomina is described for the first time. Previously, setae on the aedeagus of Carabidae, mostly on the parameres, were observed only in many basal lineages and, as exception, within Harpalinae, in some Lebiini and Panagaeini. A key to the genera and subgenera of Ditomina is provided.

Keywords: Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalini, Ditomina, Parapenthus gen. n., Indocarterus gen. n., Proditomus, setation of aedeagus, India, Middle East, new genus, new species, key to genera and subgenera

Boris M. Kataev and David W. Wrase. 2018. Notes on Ditomina, with Description of Two New Genera and A New Species (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from the Middle East and India. Zootaxa. 4459(2); 350–368. DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4459.2.8