Tuesday, July 3, 2018

[Entomology • 2018] Rhumosa n. gen. • A New Genus and Five New Species of Anostostomatidae (Orthoptera: Ensifera) from the Lesser Antilles

Rhumosa macoucheriei
Hugel & Desutter-Grandcolas, 2018

Most high volcanic islands of Lesser Antilles harbor one single genus of Anostostomatidae: Rhumosa n. genRhumosa bolognei n. gen. n. sp. in Guadeloupe, Rhumosa macoucheriei n. gen. n. sp. in Dominica, Rhumosa depazei n. gen. n. sp. in Martinique, Rhumosa admiralrodneyei n. gen. n. sp. in Saint Lucia, Rhumosa captainblighei n. gen. n. sp., in Saint Vincent. These species are restricted to well preserved rainforests; species from northern islands apparently occurring at higher elevation than species of southern islands. The distribution and generic position of Rhumosa n. gen. species is discussed, as well as the generic position of Lutosa cubaensis (Haan, 1843).

Keywords: Orthoptera, endemism, Caribbean, Windward islands, Leeward islands, latitudinal gradients

Rhumosa macoucheriei n. gen. n. sp.  

Genus Rhumosa n. gen.

Type species. Rhumosa bolognei n. gen., n. sp, here designated.

Distribution. Central America, Caribbean, Lesser Antilles.

Derivatio nominis. This genus is named after the French word for rum, all species of the genus displaying the color of dark rum, and coming from a major rum-producing region. All species described in the present article are named after a rum produced near their respective type locality. We wish to emphasise that this is intended in the spirit of honouring local expertise in rum production, and the flavour of local rums, not the people after whom these rums are named (some of whom, paradoxically, may have been unsavoury characters).

Sylvain Hugel and Laure Desutter-Grandcolas. 2018. A New Genus and Five New Species of Anostostomatidae from the Lesser Antilles (Orthoptera: Ensifera). Zootaxa. 4425(3); 511–526. DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4425.3.5