Wednesday, July 11, 2018

[Botany • 2018] Brachystelma ananthapuramense (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae) • A New Species from Andhra Pradesh, India

Brachystelma ananthapuramense K. Prasad, A. Naray. & Meve

in Prasad, Swamy & Meve, 2018.
Photos by K. Prasad & A. N. Swamy. 

A new species of Brachystelma from the Southern Deccan plateau of Gorantla hills, Andhra Pradesh is described and illustrated. This taxon, named Brachystelma ananthapuramense, is morphologically similar to the B. kolarense complex but differs by its small habit, short internodes, large flowers with more than 1.5 cm long corolla lobes, globular cage and densely pubescent corona. A key to the B. kolarense complex, including the proposed new species in India is provided.

Keywords: Ananthapuramu, Ceropegieae, Gorantla hills, Southern Deccan plateau

Fig. 1. Brachystelma ananthapuramense
A habit; B flowering plant; C flower bud; D flowers; E tuber; F & G calyx lobes; H – K details of corona; L pollinia; M gynostegium; N follicles; P seeds.
Photos: K. Prasad & A. N. Swamy.

Fig. 2. Brachystelma ananthapuramense.
 A habit; B flower bud; C calyx lobe; D flower; E flower without hairs; F corona top view; G corona side view; H pollinia; J gynostegium.
Drawn BY K. Prasad.

Brachystelma ananthapuramense K. Prasad, A. Naray. & Meve, sp. nov. 
Type: India, Andhra Pradesh, Ananthapuramu distr., Gorantla hills, 800 m, 8 June 2014, A. N. Swamy & K. Prasad 44922 (holotype CAL!; isotype SKU!).

Recognition: Brachystelma ananthapuramense is closely allied to B. naorojii P. Tetali et al., but differs by having a much smaller habit, 4 – 5 cm (vs 30 – 55 cm in B. naorojii), corolla lobes uniformly linear, 1.5 – 2.5 cm long (vs triangular at base, c. 1 cm long in B. narojii), cage globular (vs cage conical in B. narojii) and staminal corona lobes pubescent and not exceeding the coronal cup (vs staminal corona lobes glabrous and exceeding the coronal cup in B. naorojii). 

Etymology: The new species is named after the type locality Ananthapuramu, which is a part of the Southern Deccan plateau of Andhra Pradesh.

K. Prasad, A. Narayana Swamy and U. Meve. 2018. Brachystelma ananthapuramense (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae), A New Species from Andhra Pradesh, India. Kew Bulletin. 73(1); DOI: 10.1007/s12225-018-9740-y


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