Monday, July 2, 2018

[Botany • 2018] Nine New Species of Hymenasplenium (Aspleniaceae) from Asia

Hymenasplenium phamhoanghoi 

in Xu, Zhang, Lu, et al., 2018. 

Nine new species of Hymenasplenium (Aspleniaceae) from Asia are here described based on both morphology and our recent molecular phylogenetics of the genus. Of the nine new species, H. chingii, H. denticulatum, H. sinense, H. speluncicola, and H. wangpeishanii are from southern China, whereas H. distans, H. ngheanense, H. phamhoanghoiand H. quangnamense are from Vietnam. These new species are morphologically similar to but distinguishable from those of the H. unilaterale s.l. group (H. apogamum, H. hondoense, and H. murakami-hatanakae). All except one new species were included in a recent phylogenetic analysis and were well supported as distinct lineages based on molecular data. All new species are illustrated and the information on their distributions, habitats, and major distinguishing characters is provided.

Keywords: Guangxi, Guizhou, limestone caves, Vietnam, Yunnan

Ke-Wang Xu, Liang Zhang, Ngan Thi Lu, Xin-Mao Zhou, Hai He, Thien Tam Luong, Ralf Knapp, Wen-Bo Liao and Li-Bing Zhang. 2018. Nine New Species of Hymenasplenium (Aspleniaceae) from Asia. Phytotaxa. 358(1); 1–25. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.358.1.1

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