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[Botany • 2016] Zingiber sirindhorniae | ไอยริศ • A Remarkable New Species in Zingiber section Dymczewiczia (Zingiberaceae) from Thailand

ไอยริศ |   Zingiber sirindhorniae Triboun & Keerat.

 Zingiber sirindhorniae Triboun and Keerat., a new species from Thailand, is described and illustrated. It belongs to Zingiber section Dymczewiczia (Horan.) Benth. because of its terminal inflorescence which is rather rare in Zingiber.

KEY WORDS: new species, ZingiberDymczewiczia, Zingiberaceae, Thailand

Zingiber sirindhorniae Triboun and Keerat., sp. nov.

Diagnosis: Zingiber sirindhorniae belongs to Zingiber section Dymczewiczia (Horan.) Benth. due to the terminal infl orescence on the leafy shoot. It is most similar to Zingiber plicatum Škorničk. and Q.B. Nguyễ n in having terminal inflorescence and the limestone habitat, but they differ by the former having a short and small terminal inflorescence on a leafy stem and by the dark maroonish flowers.

Figure 2. Zingiber sirindhorniae Triboun and Keerat.:
A. habitat, B. habit, C. rhizomes, and D. inflorescence with opened flowers.

Photographed by Pramote Triboun. 

Distribution. Endemic to Thailand. So far known only from Loei Province. 

 Ecology. In humus among rocks in partially shaded dry evergreen forest on limestone hills, alt. 350-450 m. 

 Phenology. Flowering in June to August and fruiting in July to October. 

 Etymology. The specific epithet honours Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand who has taken a keen interest in the conservation of plants. Vernacular. Aiyarit (ไอยริศ), name given by Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn.

Notes. Four Thai species of Zingiber produce a terminal inflorescence; the inflorescence is always terminal in Z. pellitum Gagnep. and Z. gramineum Blume, while Z. barbatum Wall. and Z. junceum Gagnep. occasionally produce a terminal inflorescence. These four species are taller (to 1 m tall or taller) and are terrestrial, while Z. sirindhorniae is rather slender and small (40-70 cm tall), and grows in humus in crevices on limestone cliffs. In habit Zingiber sirindhorniae is more like Z. plicatum Škorničk. and Q.B. Nguyễn. The inflorescence of the new species is rather fragile and delicate.


Pramote Triboun and Kaweesak Keeratikiet. 2016. Zingiber sirindhorniae, A Remarkable New Species in Zingiber section Dymczewiczia (Zingiberaceae) from Thailand.  The Thailand Natural History Museum Journal. 10(1); 1-6.

 ตราไปรษณียากร ชุด ปีใหม่ 2559 (ชุดที่ 1) ‘พืชตระกูลขิง’ 
Thailand • New Year 2016 Postage Stamps (1st Series) ‘Gingers (Zingiberaceae)’

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