Friday, March 31, 2017

[Entomology • 2017] A Revision of the Oriental Species of Bolitogyrus Chevrolat (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Staphylininae)

Figure 1. Dorsal habitus of Bolitogyrus electus Smetana & Zheng (A), B. kitawakii (Smetana & Zheng) (B), B. caesareus (Bernhauer) (C), B. proximus (Cameron) (D), B. rufipennis (Cameron) (E), B. pederseni Brunke (F), B. nokrek Brunke (G), B. lasti Rougemont (H) and B. tigris Brunke (I). 

Figure 2. Dorsal habitus of Bolitogyrus sepilok Brunke (A), B. schillhammeri Brunke (B), B. flavus Yuan et al. (C), B. fukiensis (Scheerpeltz) (D), B. solodovnikovi Brunke (E), B. smetanai Brunke (F), B. elegans (Cameron) (G), male B. signatus (Cameron) (H) and female B. signatus (I). Scale bars: 2 mm.

The Oriental species of the relictual genus Bolitogyrus are revised based on 200 specimens. An updated description of the genus is provided, including additional putative synapomorphies. Fifty valid Oriental species are diagnosed herein and the following nineteen are described as new to scienceB. concavus sp. n.; B. confusus sp. n.; B. himalayicus sp. n.; B. khasiensis sp. n.; B. luteus sp. n.; B. mulayitensis sp. n.; B. nanus sp. n.; B. nokrek sp. n.; B. pecki sp. n.; B. pederseni sp. n.; B. phukhieo sp. n.; B. rougemonti sp. n.; B. sepilok sp. n.; B. schillhammeri sp. n.; B. smetanai sp. n.; B. solodovnikovi sp. n.; B. temburong  sp. n.; B. tigris sp. n.; and B. tumidus sp. n. The following synonymies are proposed: Cyrtothorax borneensis Cameron, 1942, syn. n. = Cyrtothorax caesareus Bernhauer, 1915; Cyrtothorax octomaculatus Cameron, 1937 syn. n. = Quedius ornatipennis Wendeler, 1927. Quedius (Raphirus) ornatipennis is moved to Bolitogyrus as B. ornatipennis (Wendeler), comb. n. A lectotype is designated for Cyrtothorax rufipennis Cameron, 1937. Several species are named in recognition of conservation efforts to protect tropical primary forests in Asia that are important to the survival of many Bolitogyrus species. All available bionomic and distributional data for Oriental Bolitogyrus are summarized, and an identification key is provided.

Keywords: Staphylinini, Cyrtoquediina, boreotropics, Asia, taxonomy, primary forest

 Adam J. Brunke. 2017. A Revision of the Oriental Species of Bolitogyrus Chevrolat (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Staphylininae).   ZooKeys. 664: 1-97. DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.664.11881

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