Wednesday, March 8, 2017

[Invertebrate • 2017] Revision of Marphysa de Quatrefages, 1865 and some species of Nicidion Kinberg, 1865 with the Erection of A New Genus, Treadwellphysa n. gen., (Polychaeta: Eunicidae) from the Grand Caribbean

Treadwellphysa veracruzensis 
(de León-González & Díaz-Castañeda, 2006)  

Treadwellphysa n. gen. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4241.1.1 


Nine species of Marphysa from the Grand Caribbean Region are recognized and described based on the type and non-type specimens. One species is formally described as new: M. emiliae n. sp., and one is re-established as a valid species: M. fragilis Treadwell, 1911. The diagnosis of Nicidion Kinberg, 1865 is restricted based on novel features of the maxillary apparatus. Nicidion angeli (Carrera-Parra & Salazar-Vallejo, 1998) is redescribed, and two species that previously belonged to Marphysa, are transferred to NicidionN. longula (Ehlers, 1887) n. comb. and N. obtusa (Verrill, 1900) n. comb.A new genus Treadwellphysa n. gen. is proposed to include those species having a newly described type of chaetae named spinifalcigers (exhibiting a mixture of falciger and spiniger blades), the base of maxillae II with a small elevation, and the ventral cirri with swollen base as transverse welt with short digitiform tip. Treadwellphysa n. gen. includes a new species, Treadwellphysa yucatanensis n. sp. and three other species previously included in Marphysa: T. amadae (Fauchald, 1977) n. comb., T. languida (Treadwell, 1921) n. comb., and T. veracruzensis (de León-González & Díaz-Castañeda, 2006) n. comb. Some morphological features are evaluated to clarify their variability with respect to specimen size. A key to Eunicidae genera, and keys to species of Marphysa and Treadwellphysa n. gen. from the Grand Caribbean region are given.

Keywords: Myriapoda, re-established species, new species, pectinate chaeta, Treadwellphysa, spinifalciger

Isabel C. Molina-Acevedo and Luis F. Carrera-Parra. 2017. Revision of Marphysa de Quatrefages, 1865 and some species of Nicidion Kinberg, 1865 with the Erection of A New Genus (Polychaeta: Eunicidae) from the Grand Caribbean. Zootaxa.   4241(1); 1-62. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4241.1.1

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