Thursday, July 4, 2019

[Botany • 2019] Themeda palakkadensis (Poaceae: Panicoideae) • A New Species from Kerala State, India

Themeda palakkadensis Chorghe, K. Prasad & Lakshmin.

in Chorghe, Prasad & Lakshminarasimhan, 2019.

Themeda palakkadensis, a new grass species from Kerala, India, is described and illustrated. The new species is similar to T. laxa in having pair of involucral spikelets arranged at same level and in inflorescence pattern but, differs in having densely rufous hairy sessile spikelets, lower lemma of sessile spikelet sparsely rufous hairy, lower glumes of pedicelled spikelets winged on keels, longer anthers and shorter caryopsis length.

Keyword: Andropogoneae, Anthistirineae, Panicoideae, Poaceae, Themeda palakkadensis, Western Ghats

Fig. 1. Themeda palakkadensis Chorghe, K. Prasad & Lakshmin. sp. nov. 
A. Habit, B. Raceme, C. Sessile spikelet and pedicelled spikelet; D–F. Involural spikelet: D. Lower glume, E. Upper glume, F. Lemma, G. Stamens; H–N. Sessile spikelet: H. Spikelet, I. Lower glume, J. Upper glume, K. Lower lemma, L. & M. Upper lemma, N. Caryopsis; O–R. Pedicelled spikelet: O. Spikelet, P. Lower glume, Q. Upper glume, R. Lemma.

Themeda palakkadensis Chorghe, K. Prasad & Lakshmin., sp. nov.

Diagnosis: Themeda palakkadensis is similar to T. laxa in having involurcral spikelets arranged at same level and spathe having 1–3 racemes arranged, but differs from it in having both the glumes of sessile spikelet densely rufous hairy (vs glabrous), lower lemma of sessile spikelet sparsely rufous hairy at apex (vs glabrous); anthers 4–5 mm long (vs 2–3 mm); caryopsis 2.5–3 mm long (vs 3.5– 4 mm long) and lower glumes of pedicelled spikelet winged on both the keels (vs wingless).

Etymology: The new species is named after Palakkad District of Kerala state.

Alok R. Chorghe, Kothareddy Prasad and Pakshirajan Lakshminarasimhan. 2019. Themeda palakkadensis (Poaceae: Panicoideae), A New Species from Kerala State, India. Taiwania. 64(3); 231-234.  


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