Saturday, February 3, 2018

[Botany • 2018] Sophora huamotensis • A New Species of Sophora (Fabaceae-Papilionoideae-Sophoreae) from Thailand

Sophora huamotensis  Mattapha, Suddee & Rueangr.

in Mattapha, Suddee & Rueangruea, 2018
พิษนาศน์ดอยหัวหมด  ||  DOI: 10.20531/tfb.2018.46.1.02

Sophora huamotensis Mattapha, Suddee & Rueangr. is illustrated and described here. This new species is recognised by having numerous leaflets, articulated pedicels and the wing petals with lunate sculpturing on the outer surface and without auricles at the base. The morphological characters of the species are compared and discussed with its closest species. Description, illustration, images and a distribution map of the new species are provided.

KEYWORDS:  Doi Hua Mot, endemic, Leguminosae, Tak, Umphang district

Figure 2.  Sophora huamotensis Mattapha, Suddee & Rueangr. A. Inflorescences; B. Habit; C. Pods.

Photos by S. Chanhormhual (A) and S. Mattapha (B & C).

Sophora huamotensis Mattapha, Suddee & Rueangr., sp. nov. 

The species is closely similar to S. rubriflora Tsoong from which it differs markedly in the shape of leaflets (oblong-elliptic to ovoid-obovate in S. huamotensis vs oblong-oval in S. rubriflora), more numerous leaflets (23–39 in S. huamotensis vs 19–21 in S. rubriflora) and wing petals not auriculate (with distinctly 2-sided auriculate in S. rubriflora).

Ecology.— Dry deciduous dipterocarp forest on degraded limestone mountains, dominated by Shorea obtusa Wall. ex Blume, S. siamensis Miq., Quercus helferiana DC., Buxus sirindhorniana W.K.Soh, von Sternb., Hodk. & J.Parn. and Phoenix loureiroi Kunth; 760–780 m elevation.

Etymology.— The specific epithet refers to the name of the mountain “Doi Hua Mot”. 

Vernacular name.— Phit sanat doi hua mot (พิษนาศน์ดอยหัวหมด), the name is given by the authors.

Sawai Mattapha, Somran Suddee and Sukid Rueangruea. 2018. Sophora huamotensis, A New Species of Sophora (Fabaceae-Papilionoideae-Sophoreae) from Thailand. THAI FOREST BULL., BOT. 46(1): 4–9. DOI: 10.20531/tfb.2018.46.1.02