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[Botany • 2017] Zingiber ultralimitale • A New Species of Zingiber (Zingiberaceae) east of Wallace’s Line

Zingiber ultralimitale  Ardiyani & A.D.Poulsen

 Gardens' Bulletin Singapore. 69(2) 

Zingiber Mill. is distributed from India to the Pacific but only a few species are known from east of Wallace’s Line, whereas the area to the west is rich in species. A recent collection from limestone at Bantimurung, South Sulawesi, Indonesia represents a new eastern speciesZingiber ultralimitale Ardiyani & A.D.Poulsen, which is described, illustrated, and barcoded using three of the four barcoding loci (rbcL, trnH-psbA and ITS). Placement of this species using morphological evidence is ambiguous but a combination of evidence from morphology, pollen anatomy and molecular analysis indicates that it belongs to Zingiber sect. Zingiber.

Keywords: Bantimurung, DNA barcode, Indonesia, limestone, Sulawesi, Wallacea 

Zingiber ultralimitale  Ardiyani & A.D.Poulsen

Ardiyani, Newman & Poulsen, 2017. 
 Gardens' Bulletin Singapore. 69(2)  

Fig. 3. Zingiber ultralimitale   Ardiyani & A.D.Poulsen.
A. Habit on limestone boulders at Bantimurung. B. Rhizome, including roots with tubers. C. Leafy shoot and inflorescence. D. Sheath, ligule, petiole and base of lamina. E. Spike with single flower, front view. F. Spike with single flower, lateral view. G. Bract. H. Bracteole and flower. I. Calyx. J. Ovary and corolla tube. K. Dorsal corolla lobe, ventral view. L. Labellum and lateral corolla lobes, ventral view. M. Corolla tube, stamen and stigma. N. Ovary and epigynous glands. A from Poulsen et al. 2767; B from Poulsen & Yeats 2989; C–N from Poulsen & Yeats 2984. (Photos: A.D. Poulsen)

Zingiber ultralimitale Ardiyani & A.D.Poulsen, sp. nov. 
This species is distinct from all others by the following combination of characters: narrow long loose green bracts, bright yellow flowers, and large free yellow lateral staminodes.
―TYPE: Indonesia, originally collected from South Sulawesi Province, Bantimurung NP, ... and cultivated as RBGE 20091017*A, flowering material vouchered on 12 June 2013 as Newman, M.F. 2552 (holotype BO; isotype E). (Fig. 2, 3)

Etymology. The specific epithet ultralimitale means ‘on the other side of the border’, referring to the occurrence of this species east of Wallace’s Line

Ecology and habitat. Limestone cliffs and boulders in forest, lowlands at c. 300 m. During the first year of cultivation in Edinburgh, it was discovered that the species has a dormancy period during which it survives entirely underground.

M. Ardiyani, M.F. Newman and A.D. Poulsen. 2017. A New Species of Zingiber (Zingiberaceae) east of Wallace’s Line. Gardens' Bulletin Singapore. 69(2); 189 - 199. 


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