Sunday, November 19, 2017

[Herpetology • 2017] Strophurus trux • A New Species of Gecko (Squamata: Diplodactylidae: Strophurus) from central Queensland, Australia

 Strophurus trux  Vanderduys, 2017

Golden-eyed Gecko  ||  DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4347.2.7


A new species of diplodactylid gecko in the genus Strophurus Fitzinger, from central Queensland, Australia, is described herein as Strophurus trux sp. nov. It is similar to the recently described Strophurus congoo Vanderduys from north Queensland and apparently shares a habitat preference for Triodia hummock open woodlands. It is notably different from the latter in possessing a vivid yellow to golden eye. It is only known from one small area of the Brigalow Belt Bioregion, although it is expected to occur more widely than the one area in which it has been found. It is likely that it is endemic to the Brigalow Belt Bioregion.

Keywords: Reptilia, Brigalow Belt, Triodia, Golden-eyed Gecko

Strophurus trux sp. nov.
Golden-eyed Gecko

Etymology. The specific epithet " trux " is Latin for wild, savage, harsh and pitiless, including instruments of human savagery, and also of the scene of such cruelty (Lewis & Short 1879; Glare 1982). This name was Chosen in reference to the only location known for Strophurus trux sp. nov. It is in the proximity of the "Marlborough stretch", a section of the old Bruce Highway in Central Queensland with notoriety as a wild and dangerous place in the 1960s and 1970s because of a series of murders and shootings (Gibson 2002) and its general remoteness.

FIGURE 1. Holotype QMJ94287 male Strophurus trux sp. nov. showing the scattered peppering of dark grey to black spots and faint reticulations on the dorsal surface. Also clearly visible is the relatively clear demarcation of tone along the lateral surface of the tail. 

FIGURE 3. Bright yellow to golden-brown eyes of Strophurus trux sp. nov. which lend it the common name golden-eyed gecko; QMJ94285 above, QMJ95524 below. 

FIGURE 7. (a) Male QMJ95524 showing bolder markings than other specimens; (b) female QMJ95523; (c–d) male QMJ94284.

FIGURE 8. Male Strophurus williamsi QMJ94288 collected 235 m from S. trux sp. nov. QMJ94287, showing distinguishing features where the two species are sympatric; orange eyes with the pupil surrounded by a black over white reticulum, relatively bold dorsal pattern, enlarged orange tubercles on dorsal and caudal surfaces. 

Eric Vanderduys. 2017. A New Species of Gecko (Squamata: Diplodactylidae: Strophurus) from central Queensland, Australia. Zootaxa. 4347(2); 316–330.   DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4347.2.7

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