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[Entomology • 2016] Eulophophyllum lobulatum & E. kirki • The Pink Katydids of Sabah (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae: Eulophophyllum) with Description of Two New Species

Eulophophyllum kirki 
  Ingrisch & Riede, 2016

 Eulophophyllum kirki in habitat from Danum: male (A) and female sitting on red leaves (B, F); [(B) apical view of hind legs and ovipositor]

in  Ingrisch,  Riede Beccaloni, 2016. DOI:  10.1665/034.025.0205


Two new species of the previously monotypic genus Eulophophyllum Hebard, 1922 are described. All species of the genus known up until now occur in forested areas in Sabah, Borneo. The genus is unique for the strongly widened media field of the tegmen, in which all branches of the media anterior plus radius sector are strongly curved and run anteriorally. There is also a striking color difference between the sexes, with males uniformly green and females pink. The two new species Eulophophyllum lobulatum Ingrisch & Riede sp. n. and Eulophophyllum kirki Ingrisch & Riede sp. n. have large leaf-like expansions of the hind tibiae that are absent in E. thaumasium Hebard, 1922. They differ from each other in the number of main vein branches in the media field of the tegmen. Stridulation of E. lobulatum sp. n. consists of short double-clicks ranging from 6.5 to 8.5 kHz, repeated at longer intervals.

Keywords: crypsis, tegminal venation, stridulation

Eulophophyllum lobulatum sp. n. female (Kinabalu)

Eulophophyllum lobulatum Ingrisch & Riede sp. n.  

Etymology.— Named for the strongly widened dorsal margins of the hind tibiae.

Eulophophyllum kirki sp. n. female (Danum)
photo: Peter Kirk  

Eulophophyllum kirki Ingrisch & Riede sp. n.

Etymology.— Named after the photographer of the holotype, Peter Kirk.


Fig. 3. Eulophophyllum species in habitat (A, D, G) and sitting on red leaves (B-C, E-F):
A, Eulophophyllum kirki sp. n. male (Danum); B-F, Eulophophyllum kirki sp. n. female (Danum); G, Eulophophyllum lobulatum sp. n.  female (Kinabalu). – A, C, F, G, lateral view; B, apical view of hind legs and ovipositor; D, oblique lateral view.
Photographs: A, Paul Bertner; B-E, Peter Kirk; F, Mark Eller.  DOI:  10.1665/034.025.0205 

  Sigfrid Ingrisch,   Klaus Riede and George William Beccaloni. 2016. The Pink Katydids of Sabah (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae: Eulophophyllum) with Description of Two New Species. Journal of Orthoptera Research. 25(2); 67-74. DOI:  10.1665/034.025.0205


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