Monday, January 9, 2017

[Botany • 2015] Cycas andamanica • A New Species of Cycad (Cycadaceae) from Andaman Islands, India

Cycas andamanica 
K. Prasad, M. V. Ramana, Sanjappa & B. R. P. Rao 

Cycas andamanica is described as a new species from Andaman Islands, India and this new species belonging to subsection Rumphiae. It's closely affinities with C. edentata and C. zeylanica are discussed and also provides detailed description, distribution, conservation status and photographs.

Key Words: Cycas, Rhumphiae, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, C. zeylanica, C. edentata


Diagnosis Distinguishing characters of Cycas andamanica: stems 20–120 cm diameter; longer leaves; young leaves bluish-green; leaflets 128–170; median leaflets strongly falcate, midrib raised both surface; cataphylls linear, 8–10 cm long; pollen cones narrowly ovoid; microsporophylls dorsiventrally thickened, 4.5–6.5 cm long, with apical wings; megasporophylls with six ovules, semi-orbicular at ovule bearing area; sterile lamina triangular at apex, margins entire or obscurely undulating, with or without two lateral spines, acumen spine 4–6.2 cm long; sclerotesta apically crested.

Distribution: Endemic to Andaman Islands (North and Middle Andaman Islands).

 Habitat and distribution: Humus-rich black soils in littoral vegetation from the sea level–20 m.

Etymology: The specific epithet refers to the name of the locality (Andaman Islands) from where the species is described.

 Kothareddy Prasad, M. Venkat Ramana, Ravi prasad rao Boyina and Munivenkatappa Sanjappa. 2015.  Cycas andamanica (Cycadaceae): A New Species from Andaman Islands, India. International Journal of Innovation Sciences and Research. 4(9); 473-476. 

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