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[Herpetology • 2016] Redescription of Cyrtodactylus fumosus (Müller, 1895) (Squamata: Gekkonidae), with A Revised Identification Key to the Bent-toed Geckos of Sulawesi

Fig. 1. Dorsal views of the known specimens of Cyrtodactylus fumosus:
(A) NMB-REPT 2662 (holotype, adult female); (B) NMBREPT 2663 (subadult male); (C) BMNH 1895.2.27.7 (adult female); (D) BMNH 1896.12.9.3 (adult male). Photographs by Sven Mecke. BMNH 1895.2.27.7 is also figured (in dorsal view) in Boulenger (1897: Plate VII, Fig. 2).
 Mecke, Hartmann, Mader, et al. 2016. DOI: 10.13128/Acta_Herpetol-17874


The binominal Cyrtodactylus fumosus has frequently been used for populations of bent-toed geckos occurring on some Indonesian islands, including Java, Bali, Sulawesi, and Halmahera. Unfortunately, incorrect usage of this name for different geographic lineages has resulted in confusion about the true identity of C. fumosus. Examination of the type specimen and additional specimens from Rurukan and Mount Masarang, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, revealed that this population is distinct from other forms heretofore called ‘fumosus’ by a combination of unique morphological characters. In order to stabilize the taxonomy of C. fumosus sensu stricto, and to prevent further confusion, we provide a comprehensive redescription of this species, whose distribution we herein restrict to North Sulawesi. Cyrtodactylus fumosus is one of the most distinctive species among the six bent-toed geckos recorded from Sulawesi, and it differs from Sulawesi congeners by the presence of (1) precloacofemoral scales, including three pore-bearing scales on each thigh, separated from 10 or 11 pore-bearing scales in the precloacal region by 9-11 interscales in males, (2) a precloacal groove in adult males, (3) flat dorsal tubercles in 4-7 irregularly arranged longitudinal rows at midbody, and (4) a distinct lateral fold lacking tubercles. We also provide a revised identification key to the bent-toed gecko species of Sulawesi.

Keywords. Cyrtodactylus fumosusCyrtodactylus marmoratus, Lacertilia, bent-toed geckos, reptiles, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, morphology.

Sven Mecke, Lukas Hartmann, Felix Mader, Max Kieckbusch and Hinrich Kaiser. 2016. Redescription of Cyrtodactylus fumosus (Müller, 1895) (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae), with A Revised Identification Key to the Bent-toed Geckos of Sulawesi.
Acta Herpetologica. 11(2); 151-160. DOI: 10.13128/Acta_Herpetol-17874

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