Monday, May 18, 2020

[Herpetology • 2019] Cercophis auratus • Synonymization of Uromacer ricardinii Peracca, 1897 with Dendrophis aurata Schlegel, 1837 (Squamata: Colubridae: Dipsadinae), A Rare South American Snake with a Disjunct Distribution

Cercophis auratus (Schlegel, 1837)

in Hoogmoed, Fernandes, Kucharzewski, Moura-Leite, Bérnils, et al., 2020. 
Photo: J.L.R. Gasparini.

On the basis of direct comparisons of type material, literature data, and a sample of 47 other specimens examined, we synonymize Uromacer Ricardinii, described from São Paulo, Brazil, with Dendrophis aurata, described from Suriname and never found there again. This taxon now will be known as Cercophis auratus. Additionally, we redescribe the species and provide a detailed synonymy/chresonomy. Finally, we briefly discuss its disjunct distribution, as well as current knowledge of its conservation status.

KEYWORDS: Brazil, nomenclature, snakes, Suriname

Figure 3. Portrait of live specimen of Cercophis auratus from Espírito Santo, Parque Estadual César Paulo Vinha (not collected).
Note the two small scales between the postoculars and temporals.
Photo: J.L.R. Gasparini.

Figure 4. Distribution of Cercophis auratus based on all available data. The type locality (surroundings of Paramaribo, Suriname) is indicated with an asterisk.
Map provided by Atlas of Brazilian Snakes Working Group (through C. Nogueira).

Marinus S. Hoogmoed, Ronaldo Fernandes, Christoph Kucharzewski, Julio Cesar Moura-Leite, Renato S. Bérnils, Omar Machado Entiauspe-Neto and Filipe Pereira Rêgos dos Santos. 2020. Synonymization of Uromacer ricardinii Peracca, 1897 with Dendrophis aurata Schlegel, 1837 (Reptilia: Squamata: Colubridae: Dipsadinae), a Rare South American Snake with a Disjunct Distribution. South American Journal of Herpetology. 14(2); 88–102.DOI: 10.2994/SAJH-D-17-00014.1