Monday, February 11, 2019

[Ichthyology • 2019] Chinchaysuyoa gen. nov. • A New Genus of the Fish Family Ariidae (Siluriformes), with A Redescription of Chinchaysuyoa labiata from Ecuador and A New Species Description from Peru

(A) Chinchaysuyoa labiata (Boulenger 1898)

(C, D) Chinchaysuyoa ortegai 
Marceniuk, Marchena, Oliveira & Betancur-R, 2019

In recent years, morphological and molecular studies have improved our understanding about the relationships and classification schemes of the marine catfishes of the family Ariidae. A taxonomic issue that is still contentious concerns the limits and status of the freshwater Neotropical ariid diversity, in particular the species in the genus Potamarius. The delimitation of Potamarius is currently uncertain given the disjunct distribution of the species in Mesoamerica (Potamarius izabalensis, P. nelsoni and P. usumacintae, from Lake Izabal and Usumacinta River basins in Mexico to Guatemala) and Brazil (P. grandoculis, from coastal lakes in southeastern Brazil). The freshwater Arius labiatus and Hexanematichthys henni from the Peripa and Daule rivers in Ecuador that drain to the Eastern Pacific (EP), have also at times been listed as species inquirenda in Potamarius. Here, we redescribe Arius labiatus, redefine the taxonomic status of Hexanematichthys henni, as junior synonym of Arius labiatus, and describe a new species from Peru that is closely related to Arius labiatus. Based on morphological and molecular phylogenetic evidence, we also describe a new genus (Chinchaysuyoa) for the two South American species.

Keywords: Pisces, morphological, molecular, relationships and classification, freshwater species

FIGURE 4. Body in lateral view. Chinchaysuyoa labiata, (A) holotype 475 mm SL (MZUT 1540), (B) Hexanematichthys henni, holotype 139 mm SL (CAS 60620),
(C) Chinchaysuyoa ortegai, holotype 256 mm SL (MUSM 63800), and (D) fresh non type specimen, not cataloged, 315 mm SL.

Chinchaysuyoa new genus 
Type species. Chinchaysuyoa labiata.

Etymology. Chinchaysuyoa name of the Inca Empire territory that comprised the Ecuador and Peru, gender feminine.

Chinchaysuyoa labiata (Boulenger 1898)
Arius labiatus Boulenger 1898:6 (original description; Río Peripa, Ecuador). ...

Hexanematichthys henni Fisher & Eigenmann 1922:30 (original description; Río Daule, Colimes). ...

Chinchaysuyoa ortegai new species 
Hexanematichthys henni (non Fisher & Eigenmann). ...

Alexandre Pires Marceniuk, Jose Marchena, Claudio Oliveira and Ricardo Betancur-R. 2019. Chinchaysuyoa, A New Genus of the Fish Family Ariidae (Siluriformes), with A Redescription of Chinchaysuyoa labiata from Ecuador and A New Species Description from Peru.  Zootaxa. 4551(3); 361–378.  DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4551.3.5


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