Tuesday, February 5, 2019

[Ichthyology • 2019] Channa lipor • A New Species of Dwarf Channa (Teleostei: Channidae) from Meghalaya, Northeast India

Channa lipor
Praveenraj, Uma, Moulitharan & Singh, 2019

  DOI:  10.1643/CI-18-079  

Channa lipor, a new species of snakehead of the C. gachua species-group, is described based on 11 specimens from Meghalaya, Northeast India. It is distinguished from its congeners by possessing an orange, bronze-brown dorsum and fins, 9–12 black spots or blotches on the dorsal-fin sub-margin appearing parallel along the length of the dorsal-fin base, six oblique brown bars on the upper half on the flank, presence of seven gray to brown zigzag bands on the caudal fin, and fewer anal-fin rays. Channa lipor, new species, morphologically resembles C. aurantipectoralis, but the partial cox1 gene sequences reveal a genetic distance of 12.6–13.1% between them, and Channa lipor, new species, also possesses deep sequence divergence from any known populations of C. gachua. It differs from the topotypic C. gachua by having fewer anal-fin rays (20 vs. 22–24), fewer dorsal-fin rays (29–32 vs. 34–36), and fewer pectoral-fin rays (12–14 vs. 15–17), and in tooth pattern, by having the fifth ceratobranchial curved with four rows of teeth, outer row with 11 thick teeth; palatine with three rows of curved teeth, inner row with 14 large inwardly curved teeth; and dentary with long canine-like teeth in the posterior end.

Channa lipor, holotype, ZSI FF 7660, 89.5 mm SL, prior to preservation.

Channa lipor, paratype, CIARI/FF-44, 71.7 mm SL, Umraling River, Umraling village, Ri-Bhoi district, Meghalaya, India.

Channa lipor, new species 

Etymology.—The specific epithet lipor indicates the local vernacular name for the species in Khasi language, a dialect spoken by the Khasi tribes of Meghalaya. It is used as a noun in apposition.

Remarks.— Channa lipor is well known in the aquarium trade as ‘‘Channa sp. lipor’’.

Jayasimhan Praveenraj, Arumugam Uma, Nallathambi Moulitharan, and Sadokpam Gojendro Singh. 2019. A New Species of Dwarf Channa (Teleostei: Channidae) from Meghalaya, Northeast India. Copeia. 107(1); 61–70.  DOI:  10.1643/CI-18-079 


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