Sunday, December 2, 2018

[Botany • 2019] Hoya pulchra (Apocynaceae) • A New Species from southern Philippines [Hoya of the Philippines part II]

Hoya pulchra Aurigue & Cabactulan

in Cabactulan, Aurigue, Pimentel, De Leon, Sahagun & Rodda, 2019.  

A new species, Hoya pulchra Aurigue & Cabactulan (Apocynaceae), is described and illustrated. It is compared with the similar H. waymaniae, endemic to Borneo, from which it differs in lamina shape (lanceolate with a flat edge vs. elliptic-ovate with undulate edge) and the absence of bilobed apex in the outer corona lobe apex vs. a short raised bilobed apex.

Derek D. Cabactulan, Fernando Aurigue, Reynold Pimentel, Miguel D. De Leon, Jorge Sahagun and Michele Rodda. 2019. Hoya of the Philippines, part II: Hoya pulchra (Apocynaceae), A New Species from southern Philippines. Ann. Bot. Fennici. 56: 49–53.  

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