Friday, December 29, 2017

[Crustacea • 2017] Acanthodromia margarita & Pariphiculus stellatus • Notes On Two Crabs (Brachyura, Dynomenidae and Iphiculidae) Collected from Red Coral Beds in northern Taiwan

Pariphiculus stellatus  Ng & Jeng, 2017

Two brachyuran species of the families Dynonemidae and Iphiculidae are reported from red coral beds in northern Taiwan. The dynonemid Acanthodromia margarita (Alcock, 1899) has hitherto been reported from the Andaman Sea, Japan, and Philippines and the species is here recorded for the first time from Taiwan. A new species of iphiculid, Pariphiculus stellatus sp. n., is also described. The new Pariphiculus, which also occurs in the Philippines, is superficially similar to P. agariciferus Ihle, 1918, a species known from Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, South China Sea, Taiwan, and Vanuatu, but can be distinguished by distinct carapace, pleonal and male first gonopod features.

Keywords: Brachyuran crab, Dromioidea, East China Sea, Leucosioidea, new Pariphiculus species, taxonomy

Figure 1. Colour in life.
A, B Acanthodromia margarita (Alcock, 1899), female (17.8 × 18.3 mm) (ASIZ 75484), Taiwan C Acanthodromia margarita (Alcock, 1899), female (17.7 × 19.2 mm) (ZRC 2008.1420), Philippines
Pariphiculus agariciferus, Ihle, 1918, male (11.9 × 12.1 mm) (ZRC 2009.471), Vanuatu E, F Pariphiculus stellatus sp. n., holotype male (27.7 × 24.5 mm) (ASIZ 75485), Taiwan. A, C, D, E overall dorsal view; B, F ventral view.

Family Dynomenidae Ortmann, 1892
Genus Acanthodromia A. Milne-Edwards, 1880
Acanthodromia margarita (Alcock, 1899)

Family Iphiculidae Alcock, 1896
Genus Pariphiculus Alcock, 1896

Pariphiculus stellatus sp. n.

Etymology: The species is named after the prominent asteriform or “star-like” mushroom-shaped tubercles and granules on the carapace and chelipeds.

 Peter K. L. Ng and M.-S. Jeng. 2017. Notes On Two Crabs (Crustacea, Brachyura, Dynomenidae and Iphiculidae) Collected from Red Coral Beds in northern Taiwan, including A New Species of Pariphiculus Alcock, 1896ZooKeys. 694; 135-156. DOI:  10.3897/zookeys.694.14871

New species of crab with unusual outgrowths has its name written in the stars via @physorg_com

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