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[Ichthyology • 2017] Pseudogobiopsis lumbantobing • A New Species of the Gobiid Fish Genus Pseudogobiopsis (Gobiidae, Gobionellinae) from Indonesia

Pseudogobiopsis lumbantobing
 Larson, Hadiaty & Hubert, 2017 

A new species of Pseudogobiopsis is described, solving the identity of a goby from Java in a Kuhl and van Hasselt painting from Java. The species reached the European aquarium trade since at least 2001 but its identity had remained unknown due to lack of preserved, scientific specimens. Recent collections in Sumatra and Java included specimens of this new goby, which resembles P. oligactis. A revised key to the species of the genus is provided. 

Key words. Gobiidae, Gobionellinae, Pseudogobiopsis, new species 

Pseudogobiopsis lumbantobing n. sp.

Diagnosis. A moderately slender Pseudogobiopsis with second dorsal-fin rays always I,6; anal-fin rays always I,6; pectoral-fin rays 17–18; longitudinal scales 21–24; TRB 6–8; predorsal scales 5–6, large, reaching up to close behind eyes; jaws enlarged in male; three preopercular pores present, posterior portion of oculoscapular canal present, but no canal or pores over opercle; most scales on body ctenoid; first spine of dorsal fin longest in both sexes, greatly elongate in males; five elongate dark blotches along midside of body, with five indistinct dusky short saddles crossing dorsum, black spot behind anus and four internal black blotches along midventral line, commencing at anal fin origin, black spot on upper part of pectoral fin base and chin with blackish mental frenum.

Distribution. Known only from freshwater drainages of western Sumatra and western Java, Indonesia. Some specimens in the aquarium trade are said to be imported from Myanmar (Fig. 3), but this is yet to be confirmed. 

Ecology. Freshwater, found in rivers and streams at altitudes of 5–22 m, with a substratum of sand, gravel, rock and boulders; algae and aquatic macrophytes may be present (Figs. 8, 9). 

Etymology. This species is named for Daniel Lumbantobing of Jakarta, who collected the first specimens and showed them to HKL in 2012, which solved the mystery of the orange-spotted goby of which aquarists had been sending her photos. Daniel is an ichthyologist who specialises in freshwater fishes. Name used as a name in apposition. 

Helen K. Larson, Renny K. Hadiaty and Nicolas Hubert. 2017. A New Species of the Gobiid Fish Genus Pseudogobiopsis (Teleostei, Gobiidae, Gobionellinae) from Indonesia.
65: 175–180. 

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