Sunday, June 18, 2017

[Ichthyology • 2017] Lampetra soljani • A New Brook Lamprey (Petromyzontiformes: Petromyzontidae) from the southern Adriatic Sea Basin

Lampetra soljani
Tutman, Freyhof, Dulčić, Glamuzina & Geiger, 2017


Lampetra soljani, new species, is described from the lower Neretva River in the Adriatic Sea basin. Previously it was identified as L. zanandreai. Based on morphological similarity and mitochondrial genetic data, it is related to L. lanceolata and L. ninae from the Black Sea basin. Lampetra soljani is distinguished from all other species of Lampetra by having a marmorate flank pattern in live, fully grown ammocoetes, and in some adults (vs. plain colour pattern). Lampetra soljani is distinguished from other Lampetra species by having three velar tentacles, 54–57 trunk myomeres between the last branchial opening and the anus, no posterial teeth and a bicuspid middle endolateral tooth. Lampetra soljani is also well distinguished by COI barcode data from its congeners. The new species is widespread in the Neretva River drainage and lampreys from Lake Skadar basin are likely to belong to this species also.

Keywords: Pisces, Freshwater biodiversity, Mediterranean basin, Dinaric Biodiversity Hotspot

Lampetra soljani, FSJF 3650, paratypes

FIGURE 4. pre-spawning adults, from the top, 124 mm TL, 128 mm TL;   FIGURE 8. about 120 mm TL;
Bosnia and Herzegovina: side-arm of Neretva River east of Čapljina; 16–17 Jan. 2015.

Etymology. Named in honour of Tonko Šoljan (1907–1980) in appreciation of his contribution to the knowledge and development of ichthyology in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pero Tutman, Jörg Freyhof, Jakov Dulčić, Branko Glamuzina and Matthias Geiger. 2017. Lampetra soljani, A New Brook Lamprey from the southern Adriatic Sea basin (Petromyzontiformes: Petromyzontidae).  Zootaxa. 4273(4); 531–548.  DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4273.4.4

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