Monday, September 2, 2019

[Diplopoda • 2019] Cave Millipede Diversity with the Description of Six New Species from Guangxi, China

 A  Hyleoglomeris rukouqu sp. nov. from Shangshuiyan Cave
 Hyleoglomeris xuxiakei sp. nov. from Guanshan No. 4 Cave 
C Hylomus yuani sp. nov. from Liangfeng Cave

Liu & Wynne, 2019

We synthesized the current knowledge of cave-dwelling millipede diversity from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Guangxi), South China Karst, China and described six new millipede species from four caves from the Guilin area, northeastern Guangxi. Fifty-two cave-dwelling millipedes are known for the region consisting of 38 troglobionts and 14 troglophiles. Of the troglobionts, 24 are presently considered single-cave endemics. New species described here include Hyleoglomeris rukouqu sp. nov. and Hyleoglomeris xuxiakei sp. nov. (Family Glomeridae), Hylomus yuani sp. nov. (Family Paradoxosomatidae), Eutrichodesmus jianjia sp. nov. (Family Haplodesmidae), Trichopeltis liangfengdong sp. nov. (Family Cryptodesmidae), and Glyphiulus maocun sp. nov. (Family Cambalopsidae). Our work also resulted in range expansions of Pacidesmus trifidus Golovatch & Geoffroy, 2014, Blingulus sinicus Zhang & Li, 1981 and Glyphiulus melanoporus Mauriès & Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, 1997. As with many hypogean animals in Southeast Asia, intensive human activities threaten the persistence of both cave habitats and species. We provide both assessments on the newly described species’ distributions and recommendations for future research and conservation efforts.

Keywords: Single cave endemic, disturbance relict, cave conservation

Figure 3. Hyleoglomeris rukouqu sp. nov. from Shangshuiyan Cave B  Hyleoglomeris xuxiakei sp. nov. from Guanshan No. 4 Cave C Hylomus yuani sp. nov. from Liangfeng Cave D Eutrichodesmus jianjia sp. nov. from Guanshan No. 4 Cave. 

Figure 4. Trichopeltis liangfengdong sp. nov. from Liangfeng Cave B Pacidesmus trifidus Golovatch & Geoffroy, 2014 from Maomaotou Cave C Glyphiulus maocun sp. nov. from Liangfeng Cave.

 Weixin Liu and J. Judson Wynne. 2019. Cave Millipede Diversity with the Description of Six New Species from Guangxi, China. Subterranean Biology. 30: 57-94. DOI: 10.3897/subtbiol.30.35559