Tuesday, April 24, 2018

[Botany • 2018] the All-spice Genus Pimenta (Myrtaceae) from Hispaniola • One New Species, Pimenta berciliae, Two New Combinations and Taxonomic Notes

Pimenta berciliae

in Vasconcelos, Lucas & Peguero, 2018.

One new species and two new combinations are here published as taxonomic updates on the all-spice genus Pimenta (Myrtaceae) for the flora of Hispaniola, Greater Antilles. Pimenta berciliae is a small tree, the type of which was found in the vicinity of the National Botanical Gardens in Santo Domingo. Natural populations of this species are restricted to a small area in Samaná and Cordillera Septentrional, and the preliminary assessment of its conservation status indicates an endangered species. Additionally, Eugenia yumana and Eugenia samanensis are here formally transferred to Pimenta after molecular and morphological analyses demonstrate that they belong to this latter genus. Two new combinations, Pimenta yumana and Pimenta samanensis are here provided. These three additions to the flora of Pimenta in Hispaniola increase the known diversity of the genus on the island and are important to better understand the diversity of the all-spice genus in the region.

Keywords: Caribbean, Eugenia, Myrteae, Eudicots


Thais N.C. Vasconcelos, Eve J. Lucas and Brigido Peguero. 2018.  One New Species, Two New Combinations and Taxonomic Notes on the All-spice Genus Pimenta (Myrtaceae) from Hispaniola. Phytotaxa. 348(1); 32–40.  DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.348.1.4