Thursday, April 26, 2018

[Botany • 2017] Polystichum hastipinnum • A New Cave Fern (subg. Haplopolystichum; Dryopteridaceae) from Guangdong, China

Polystichum hastipinnum  G.D. Tang & Li Bing Zhang

in Tang, Huang, Li, He & Zhang, 2017


A new species of Polystichum (subg. Haplopolystichum; Dryopteridaceae), Polystichum hastipinnum, is described from a limestone cave in northern Guangdong, China. Polystichum hastipinnum is most similar to P. kwangtungense in having oblong pinnae, but the former has stipe and rachis scales denser, basalmost pair of pinnae hastate and with bases somewhat cordate, while the latter has stipe and rachis scales much sparser, basalmost pair of pinnae oblong and with bases cuneate.

Keywords: Cave ferns, Polystichum hastipinnum, P. kwangtungense, Pteridophytes, China

FIGURE 2. Polystichum hastipinnum G.D. Tang & Li Bing Zhang. .— Habit from the field. 

Polystichum hastipinnum G.D. Tang & Li Bing Zhang, sp. nov.


Etymology:— From the Latin, hasti-, hastate, and -pinnum, pinnae, referring to the hastate basalmost pinnae.

Guang-Da Tang, Lin Huang, Jia-Yu Li, Zeng-Li He and Li-Bing Zhang. 2017. Polystichum hastipinnum (subg. Haplopolystichum; Dryopteridaceae), A New Cave Fern from Guangdong, China. Phytotaxa. 309(1); 66-72. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.309.1.6

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